Heroes of the Storm: PTR

The next Heroes of the Storm patch, version 2.49.0, which includes the new Deathwing prowl, has been added to the public test realm (PTR) and is available there until the week of December 2nd. There's also a big change to the meta of the game that's supposed to add spice to the seasons: the nexus anomalies.

The developers would love to help them try out the new content and game balance updates before the patch will be officially integrated into the live version of Heroes the following week. For error messages please use this English speaking PTR forum for bug reports, Below you can read the complete German PTR patch notes including the developer comments.

Heroes of the Storm: Version 2.49.0 PTR Patch Notes of 25.11.2019 (EN)

Table of Contents:

Nexus Anomaly – Experience Balls

Nexus anomalies are seasonal changes in gameplay that directly affect all game modes Heroes of the Storm impact. These events run throughout the season, so we have time to get feedback. Once we have evaluated it, some of these anomalies may become permanently part of the game, while others may remain just a temporary event.

The first nexus anomaly is here! To make gathering experience more fun and more intuitive, we change the way you're in Heroes of the Storm from servants gathers experience. Players no longer gain experience simply by being near them, but in the future must collect experience balls that drop dying servants.

experience Orbs



storm League

Event Quest Fun & Game II

loot chests

user interface



New Hero: Deathwing, the destroyer

Even before his arrival in the Nexus, Deathwing caused the earth to tremble. The downfall of the world is here! Now he has set himself the goal of bringing his reign of chaos and destruction over the nexus.



basic skills

Heroic ability



Many seasonal items return to the collection during the week of December 10th and can be made for a limited time and found in loungers!

New austerity packages

New skins

The following skins will be available for a limited time from the week of December 10:

New mount

The following mounts will be available for a limited time from the week of December 10:

New announcer

New content



The Lost Vikings

Values ​​and skills


Comment by the developers: Because experience is now being collected differently, we assume that the Lost Vikings will find it difficult to find room in a team. To help them, we are raising their core values ​​and strengthening Dragon Boat Raid.



Comment by the developers: Mephisto's talents have remained largely unchanged since its release. Many of them are moving about where we imagine them, but some talents and valley entrances had fundamental problems that we can fix with a few changes. We do not want to completely revise the Mephisto you know and love, but he could handle some new builds.


Fixed bugs





Heroes of the Storm: Deathwing Picture Gallery and Hero Spotlight

Below are the talents and skins for Deathwing and the Heroes Spotlight.

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