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Famous manga artist Junji Ito revealed at Comic-Con @ Home that he and Hideo Kojima talked about a supposed horror game that the Kojima Productions team may want to develop next. However, details of the project were not revealed. Kojima has also been dealing with horror a lot in recent months. But there is probably no return from Silent Hills.

Now that the development of Death Stranding has been finally completed with the recent PC release of the title, Hideo Kojima and his team from Kojima Productions are now devoted to the next project. In the past few weeks, the game director has repeatedly indicated that the studio could tackle a horror game. The famous manga artist Junji Ito provided further information at Comic-Con @ Home. In a question and answer session, the artist replied:

"I know director Kojima and we've had discussions that he may have a horror-based game he might want to do – so (Kojima) invited me to work on it, but there are no details yet."

It's no secret that Kojima is currently dealing with horror. In November 2019, the game director shared his source of inspiration for P.T. with – the playable teaser that turned out to be an announcement for Silent Hills. According to Kojima, elements from the Thai horror film "The Eye" are involved. However, the director was too scared to watch the film until the end credits.

There have been increasing rumors this year that Sony executives may be interested in taking over Silent Hill. Fans quickly hoped for a comeback from Silent Hills, which was officially discontinued in 2015. However, in an interview in May 2020, Kojima denied these rumors. His new project is already in the planning phase – details unknown.

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