For the city building simulation Cities: Skylines there will soon be a competitor from Germany. The publisher Deck13 has announced a new simulation with Highrise City, which comes from the development studio Fourexo Entertainment, which is based in Dresden. However, the release will not be available until 2022, a specific date has not yet been set. But at least there are the first interesting details about the gameplay.

According to the developers, Highrise City should be a mix of classic city planning and complex economic simulation. You not only have to take care of the development and expansion of a new metropolis, but also keep a close eye on its economic aspects. Among other things, the resource trade with other cities plays an important role. There should be a total of 50 different types of these raw materials, so you should have a lot to do. Research into new technologies and their targeted use in your city are also on the program. There will also be five social classes with different needs that you will have to take care of. With a population of up to a million, this certainly adds up to a lot.

Incidentally, the developers of Fourexo Entertainment are already promising full mod support for Highrise City, so that no major obstacles are placed in the way of the creative minds of the community. In addition, an integration of the Steam Workshop is planned, for example to easily share your work with other fans. The first trailer and some screenshots of Highrise City can be found directly below this message.

Those: Deck13

Highrise City: Debut trailer for the new city building simulation

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