Hitman 3 in the test: strengths, weaknesses and conclusion

The World of Assassinations comes to an end with Hitman 3 until further notice. At the end of the trilogy, however, Agent 47 is allowed to complete some of the best missions in the series to date.

Hitman 3

What is Hitman 3?

Also in Hitman 3 you kill yourself in the skin of the bald Agent 47 through a series of lovingly designed levels in order to take out one or more target persons. As always, discretion is the top priority, because ideally the attacks should be as inconspicuous as possible.

In 2016, a new chapter began for the Hitman franchise when developer IO Interactive turned the popular assassin formula inside out and turned Hitman into a complex sandbox. Creativity has always played an important role in successful assassinations, but with the change, replayability has come first. Each mission offers a variety of different approaches, few of which seem obvious or even possible at first try.

Hitman 3 also stays true to this principle. So faithful, in fact, that the newest part hardly feels like a sequel at first, but more like a DLC with six new levels. Of course, there are still improvements and new features, but most of them only become apparent at second glance. Conversely, however, this also means that the entire Hitman trilogy seems like a single piece. This is obviously intentional, and so Hitman 3 allows you to play the levels of the two predecessors again, together with the new features and graphic improvements, provided that these are in your library.

The launch trailer gives you an atmospheric impression of the new levels:

As in the two previous versions, completing the six levels once can be compared to a tutorial. The real appeal of Hitman is to discover, learn and master all the secrets, stories and possibilities of an area. With this you can not only secure yourself a high position in the global leaderboards, but also prepare yourself for the endgame game modes Elusive target and Escalation in front. These will confront you with new challenges in the known areas and put your entire knowledge to the test. Fans can easily spend weeks and months in these modes.

Test conclusion with strengths and weaknesses

If you've played Hitman (2016) or Hitman 2 (2018), you already know exactly what to expect in Hitman 3. The conclusion of the trilogy remains true to the established formula and only makes changes in detail. If you are new to the series with Hitman 3, you will probably not be able to do much with the cryptic story finale about business moguls, memory loss and shadow organizations, but the plot of the games has not just appeared in the category since the latest series part "For fans" settled.

Agent 47 has been killing himself on the screens for 20 years. We have summarized the story of the professional killer for you in the video:

As usual, the real strength of the game lies in the fantastic sandbox levels, the complexity of which can only be guessed at during the first visit. Simply switching off the target person is soon no longer a major challenge, the real fascination lies in the complete exploration of the missions. Is there any way to make the murder look like an accident? Maybe I don't have to target one or the other target person at all even kill? And thanks to the newly activated shortcut, can I beat my previous best time the next time I try? In the best case, after each completed mission you have the urge to start the same job again, because you have learned so much and you have already come up with an even more sophisticated approach.

They are Strengthen from Hitman 3:

  • enormous replay value
  • fantastic level design
  • wonderfully morbid, dry humor
  • beautiful graphics and lighting
  • optional VR mode

They are weaknesses from Hitman 3:

  • hardly any innovations compared to its predecessors
  • History is only accessible to series fans
HITMAN 3 (Playstation 5 / Playstation VR) "src =" https://games.no1geekfun.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Hitman-3-in-the-test-strengths-weaknesses-and-conclusion.jpg

HITMAN 3 (Playstation 5 / Playstation VR)

Hardly any innovations, but is that bad?

A rainy country house in Dartmoor, England. A corpse, a suicide note, a room locked from the inside. That could only have been suicide. Or is it not? There is only one who can bring the truth to light. Sherlock Holm- er, Agent 47, of course, disguised as a private detective. Hitman 3 already shines in the second mission with original ideas, because after 20 years of full professional assassinations the tables suddenly turn and Agent 47 has to reconstruct the mysterious circumstances of death for which he is otherwise responsible.

Just like Agatha Christie, clues are collected, witnesses interviewed, alibis checked and evidence found. A delightful 180 degree twist on the popular Hitman formula and an example of the creativity and ingenuity that went into Hitman 3's mission design. It goes without saying at this point that the whole detective work ultimately serves to get close to our actual target person in order to transport them to the afterlife under mysterious circumstances.

Agent 47 as a private detective. One of the missions from Hitman 3 could come from Agatha Christie personally.

The Dartmoor level is a wonderful example of the fact that Hitman 3 has hardly any innovations in terms of features and mechanics compared to its predecessors, but that many fresh ideas have been incorporated into the game. The few new, actual features, on the other hand, include the abbreviations, which you can only open from one side, but which are then open at every new attempt. This principle is known from Dark Souls, among others, and invites you to take completely new routes through the levels. When I flee after a successful murder on a vineyard in Argentina, I open an initially locked door on the way, which brings me back to the starting area. The next time I try, I could walk straight to my target person's apartment. But where can I get the right disguise for this? Go exploring right away …

Hitman 3's missions on their own are neither extremely extensive nor particularly difficult. If you want, you can complete all orders in one day. Long-term motivation, on the other hand, comes from clever unlocks such as abbreviations, gadgets or new starting positions, but above all your own curiosity. The supposed lack of innovation can theoretically be criticized, but I think it is thoroughly commendable that IO Interactive is specifically focusing on the identified strengths and avoiding risky experiments. Hitman 3, together with its two predecessors, forms a complete package. In the upcoming James Bond game Project 007, however, IO Interactive can let off steam.

After ten months of Corona: finally visiting techno clubs in Berlin again.

In conclusion, Hitman 3 is one thing: incredibly beautiful. Neither the neon lights of Chongqing, China, nor the reflections of the brightly polished floorboards in Dartmoor have allowed me to see enough. At least on the PlayStation 5. So every now and then I caught myself completely ignoring the target person and just feeling at ease in the lively levels. And yes, this mainly means the Berlin level, which unexpectedly made it clear to me after more than ten months how much you missed the techno clubs of the capital in the Corona year. For that alone, I'll be launching Hitman 3 more often in the coming weeks.