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In a live stream on Hitman 3, the developers said that players can play a darker and more serious action game. The somewhat strange and sometimes unsuitable humor of Hitman 2 should be a thing of the past.

We'll see in 2021 Hitman 3 a new part of the successful action game series. However, this will differ from Part 2.

Hitman is getting darker

Hitman 2 offered a slightly different atmosphere than players were used to from previous games in the series. Agent 47 used a fish as a weapon and sometimes wore pink instead of black. That should change now for Hitman 3. As the developers announced in a livestream, fans get a serious game with a very dark atmosphere.

Although there was no new information about the gameplay, a cool feature was announced: If you own the other two parts of the trilogy, you can transfer the levels and your progress in the game to Hitman 3. Basically you should get one big game like this. Hitman 3 will also bring the story of the current trilogy to an end.

Hitman 3: announcement trailer for the new stealth action game

In the new story, Agent 47, supported by his supervisor, Diana Burnwood, joins forces with Lucas Gray. Both want to shut down Providence's partners, but this is more difficult than expected. The developers promise that after the story ends, the world of Agent 47 will no longer be the same.

In Hitman 3, you explore six locations full of creative possibilities. The game is designed to let you interact with the world in a new and creative way.

Even if Hitman 3 is much darker than its predecessor, black humor plays a role again. The developers want to focus on the darker side of Agent 47 for the new game. The stealth action game will be released in January 2021.

Source: VG247

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With Hitman 3, IO Interactive has announced the next episode of the well-known stealth action game series.