We have known for a long time that it is in Hogwarts Legacywhich appear in 2022 there will be a figure editor. Set in the 19th century, we will be able to visit the school for witchcraft and sorcery known from Harry Potter with a self-made figure in the open-world game. The developers at Avalanche are now using this function to make a statement: Apparently, unlike originally planned, there will also be a transgender option. This reports Bloomberg journalist and industry insider Jason Schreier.

Voice and appearance can therefore be chosen regardless of gender, as can the address as a witch or wizard, and the choice of dormitory can also be adjusted accordingly – in the Harry Potter Lore, the students of Hogwarts' boarding school are divided into four houses and then into male ones and divided into female sleeping areas.

This is a direct response to statements made by Harry Potter writer Joanne K. Rowling. In the past few years, she had drawn attention to herself with conservative statements on the subject of transgender equality that were viewed as defamatory by some. According to Schreier, several developers did not want to accept the crooked light that could be thrown on their game and campaigned for a corresponding option when creating figures in Hogwarts Legacy. The management was critical, but according to the current status, the transgender option is planned.

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Joanne K Rowling's statements are not the only thing that troubles the developer of Hogwarts Legacy. A few weeks ago it came out that Senior Producer Troy Leavitt runs a YouTube channel on which he aggressively attacked feminism, #metoo, the "Woke" culture and much more, and for which a few years ago he was controversial Actions and statements voiced the great Gamergate movement. The channel still exists, but has not received any new content for two years. Leavitt only distanced itself indirectly from the content and has continued to work at Avalanche, at least so far.


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