It can go that fast: We are at episode number ten (Anniversary episode, yay!) and, in keeping with the big reopening of the movie theaters, offer a detailed overview of current cinema hits. But before it comes to huge film productions for the big screen, our two editors, Chris Fußy and Maci Naeem Cheema, chat about the animal comic adaptation “Sweet Tooth”, which is currently conquering the Netflix streaming platform.

The 2009 Vertigo comic (part of the DC family) is about a post-apocalyptic world, a deadly pandemic (ohweh) and mysterious hybrid children who are half animal – weird. How much do you like the series? Find out in the episode and throw take a look at the high-quality trailer for the Netflix series.

Our main theme, however, is the reopening of the cinemas. Chris was invited to a press screening in Munich to watch the impressive “Monster-Verse” blockbuster Godzilla vs. Kong. How well does the film fare, who can win the monstrous duel and whether Kaiju fans can look forward to it? If you prefer a written film review, we recommend that you click here.

Godzilla vs. Kong: Trailer zum Monster-Mega-Mashup

In addition, it is about the sci-fi adventure Chaos Walking, which wants to convince with a star cast and an interesting thought premise. Also there: Spidey actor Tom Holland (Spider-Man, Avengers), Daisy Ridley (Star Wars 7-9) and Mads Mikkelsen. We would like you here too not withhold the accompanying trailer. Finally we clarify how good the Oscar film “Der Rausch” (Another Round) actually turns out, which captivates with the Danish drinking culture and lots of charm on the screen (the trailer is available here)

Do you have thoughts about the films, criticism or praise for the episode or even congratulations for the tenth episode? Write us your opinions in the comments or via social media – we look forward to it. All that remains to be said is: Have fun with episode 10 and get in!

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All topics in episode # 10 – Timecodes:
00:00:00 – Welcome and introduction
00:04:30 – Sex Education – Teens, sex and escapades
00:12:47 – Sweet Tooth – the animal comic book adation conquers Netflix
00:32:03 – Godzilla vs. Kong – the first blockbuster cinema of the year
00:57:19 – Chaos Walking – Sci-Fi adventure with Tom Holland & Daisy Ridley
01:20:55 – Der Rausch (Another Round) – Oscar hit with Mads Mikkelsen
01:30:00 – Overview of the most important current theatrical releases
01:31:12 – House recommendations

More information about home cinema

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