Hood: Outlaws and Legends is the new title from Sumo Digital. The game puts Robin Hood in a dark PvPvE setting. Two teams of four people each try to break into a heavily guarded fortress, steal the treasure and successfully escape with it. In the meantime you have to avoid the opposing team or beat them in a fight.

For this purpose, the players choose a class that corresponds to their style of play.

The ranger

The Ranger is based directly on Robin Hood and is equally deadly at long range. With the bow, ropes can be placed at certain points that the other players can use for climbing. With his special abilities, the ranger can mark enemy units, evade enemy attacks with an evasive role, and, as an ultimate ability, fire a bomb arrow that sticks to enemies. He carries a stun grenade as an object. The Ranger is good for both undetected infiltration and open combat.

The hunter

The Hunter is a little more focused on stealth. As a weapon, she has a crossbow that can fire up to three arrows. This means that it is perfectly equipped for short and medium-range battles. With her normal ability she can assassinate enemies from any direction, and as an ultimate she can become completely invisible. The hunter also uses a smoke grenade that can block the view of enemies.

The brawler

From blacksmith to warrior, the brawler swings his hammer, with which he can hit several opponents at the same time, as well as knock out weaker enemies with one blow. His normal ability lets him handle heavy gates, and his ultimate grants him infinite stamina and makes him a lot tougher. The brawler also carries a bomb that damages a small area.

Der Mystic

As a former inquisitor, the Mystic supports his team members in battle. As a weapon he uses the flail, with which he can attack and stun opponents at quite a long range. His normal ability allows him to regenerate stamina much faster, and his ultimate ability allows him to see enemies and objects through walls, as well as heal himself and his teammates. A grenade that poisons opponents is also part of his repertoire.

All classes can be adapted to your own style of play with various perks. Instead of a poison grenade, the Mystic can be equipped with a healing grenade, for example.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends will be released on May 10 for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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