The Hori Onyx Plus controller offers gamers the opportunity to play on the PS4 with the popular layout of the Xbox One gamepad. We explain who the controller is really worth and how it did in the GIGA test.

The Hori Onyx Plus controller is especially aimed at players who are dissatisfied with the arrangement of the analog sticks on the conventional DualShock 4 controller for the PS4. If you have recently switched from Xbox One and are still having problems with the unusual layout of the PS4 controller, the Hori would also be an option for you. The Onyx Plus can also be used on a PC without any problems. In our test, we primarily tested the controller on the PS4 and compared it to the classic DualShock 4.

Hori Onyx Plus controller in the test: our conclusion

We tested the Hori Onyx Plus controller for a long time in games like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War. In parallel, a DualShock 4 was used as a comparison. Both controllers operate in a very similar price range, which is why they compete directly with one another.

The Main differences of the controller are, as already mentioned, in the changed ergonomics as well as the ability to make it easy to the PC connect to be able to. In terms of workmanship, it comes very close to the original and is only slightly heavier with a weight of about 220 grams. You have to do without an additional sound output or light effects with the Hori Onyx Plus.

Unfortunately, our tested specimen had one noticeable input lag to fight. Again and again our actions in the game were carried out with a strong delay, which quickly turned into frustration. The DualShock 4, on the other hand, never had such problems – it simply worked. Another point of criticism would be the shape of the controller: The inspiration from the Xbox One controller is clearly noticeable, unfortunately the Hori Onyx Plus does not come close to its comfort. So a traditional PS4 controller would still be the better choice.


  • Asymmetrical layout
  • Wireless connection
  • Can also be used on a PC
  • High quality


  • Partly massive input lag
  • Suboptimal ergonomics
  • Low battery life
  • No additional functions such as light or sound

Our test rating for the Hori Onyx Plus controller

  • Processing: 80 percent
  • Handling: 40 percent
  • Features: 50 percent
  • Customization options: 50 percent

Total: 55 percent

Hori Onyx Plus: everything under control?

The most important thing about a controller is that it fits comfortably in the hand. With the Hori Onyx Plus they are both Handles on the bottom for our taste something too short devices, which is why we felt that it could slip out of our hands at any time. Both the PS4 controller and the Xbox One controller do this better. The layout of the Hori Onyx Plus is conscious asymmetrical held. The offset analog sticks should relax your thumbs and thus allow more comfortable gaming.

The Trigger buttons of the controller are something compared to the DualShock 4 more difficult to achieve, which is mainly due to the shortened form of the controller. In addition, the lower trigger buttons, i.e. L2 and R2, can be felt shorter release path than that of the regular PS4 controller. This does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage, but we rather didn't like this solution.

Hori Onyx Plus: wireless with obstacles

In terms of connectivity, the Hori Onyx Plus offers you several options. The controller can both wireless as well as by cable on yours PS4 console or on the PC be used. The wireless connection is made using the supplied stick, which transmits on a 2.4 GHz frequency and should offer a range of up to 10 meters. Bluetooth was not used in the current version of the controller.

This is also one of the main criticisms of the Hori Onyx Plus controller: the miserable connection, Again and again there were moments during the wireless use when the controller not reacted has or only inputs with one significant delay were registered. Such disruptions determine life and death in the game – and cause so much frustration that we were repeatedly forced to put the controller aside and continue playing with the DualShock 4 instead.

Hori Onyx Plus: Good idea, bad implementation

We really like the idea of ​​the Hori Onyx Plus Controller. Unfortunately, it fails due to the implementation, because both in terms of comfort and handling, it performs significantly worse in practice than comparable competitor products. Above all, the PS4 controller, which hardly differs in price from the Hori Onyx Plus, is ahead in almost all respects.

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The Hori Onyx Plus does offer some additional features, such as the easy connection to the PC and the asymmetrical arrangement of the analog sticks. At the same time, however, some important features of the PS4 controller have been dispensed with. Including the LED strip and the Sound output, which can contribute to increased immersion, especially in games like Horizon Zero Dawn. And also the control of VR games is unfortunately not possible due to the missing LED bar.

Of course it is up to the preferences of the players whether they value such functions at all. After all, the Hori Onyx Plus has an LED indicator that changes color during certain events in the game.

The Battery life according to the manufacturer 5 to 6 hours estimated. In reality, this tends to be somewhat lower. Again, the point goes to the PS4 controller. Overall we would have had a price of almost 50 euros definitely expected more. So if you don't mind the layout of the DualShock 4, you are definitely better off with the original. There are suitable offers, for example, at Cyberport,

Who is the Hori Onyx Plus controller for?

This question is difficult to answer given the problems that the controller showed in our test. In itself, it represents a solid alternative to the conventional DualShock 4 – if it weren't for the connection problems. However, other testers seem to have had no such massive connection problems – for our version it is to be hoped that Hori will improve with an update of the firmware.

So who would the controller be for?

  • Primarily for players who are dissatisfied with the ergonomics of the PS4 controller or are used to the Xbox One controller.
  • Players who want to use their controller on both the console and the PC.
  • For people who prefer an asymmetrical arrangement of the analog sticks.

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If you use your controller almost exclusively on the PS4 anyway and don't want to take the connection risk with the Hori Onyx Plus, you are with the DualShock 4 currently more than supplied. If you prefer an asymmetrical layout and want to spend a little more money, you can also go to Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller to grab. This controller is of high quality and offers you great comfort when playing. It also has more buttons and can be customized according to your ideas. However, at over 100 euros, it is also much more expensive than the DualShock 4 and Hori Onyx Pro.

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