Who is the wait until the Launch of Horizon Forbidden West on February 18, 2022 Not only wanting to shorten, but also to shape it creatively, is now being helped by the responsible developer studio Guerilla. The team created two detailed cosplay guides to portray Aloy as authentically as possible.

With these guides your next Aloy cosplay is sure to work out

On twitter Guerrilla showed an excerpt from the cosplay guidelines and at the same time shared the link that led you to the PlayStation Blog where you can download the guides for free. While the first manual deals with the equipment of the Nora hunter, the second focuses on the Ubaru harvester outfit. Guerrilla justified the provision of the guides by saying that they are very proud of the community around the game, which is inspired in many ways by the creations of the studio.

Both guides not only show the individual components of Aloy’s different outfits in detail, but also name the different materials you need to make them. Both instructions provide short but pointed explanations of how the red-haired warrior’s clothing works and should be of real help to so many cosplayers. The only downer: the guides are in English. With a translator program, that shouldn’t be an obstacle either.

Many people should have noticed that the demand for cosplays is still great Aloy is also a popular role model in the community. If you’ve never tried to tailor the outfit of a cool video game character, maybe now is the time to unpack the needle and thread. With enough time and perseverance, you could definitely be finished before the release of Forbidden West.

Those: Guerilla

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