In June last year, Sony and Guerrilla Games announced the action adventure Horizon Forbidden West. The successor to Horizon: Zero Dawn should, according to the plans at the time, appear in the course of 2021 for both the PS4 and the PS5. However, it had become very quiet around the project in the past few months, so that some fans have already doubted a release this year – wrongly as has meanwhile turned out.

As the well-known insider and leaker "Nibellion" revealed via Twitter, the PlayStation boss Jim Ryan recently conducted several interviews with various magazines. Among other things, it was about Sony's plans for the rest of the year 2021. He named a few games that will be on the market for the PS4 and PS5 before Christmas. Horizon Forbidden West was always included in this list (buy now € 79.99 ). Ryan did not mention a specific release date. However, Sony and the responsible development studio Guerrilla Games currently seem to be firmly planning a release by December 2021 at the latest – at least if everything goes according to plan.

In Horizon Forbdiden West you slip again into the role of the heroine Aloy, who was also the focus of the first game. This time it ends up – as the name already suggests – in the western regions of the USA. There she not only explores new areas, but also encounters previously unknown creatures. Among other things, it goes to the metropolis of San Francisco and its surroundings. The map should be significantly larger than its predecessor.

Source: Twitter

Horizon Forbidden West: Developer video for the Zero Dawn successor for PS5

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