Horizon Forbidden West: Successor to Zero Dawn for PS5 confirmed – the first trailer

from David Martin
With Horizon Forbidden West, Sony presents the successor to the successful action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn. As part of the PS5 show, the publisher presented the first trailer: Aloy is heading towards the western United States in a new adventure, where new challenging environments and nasty creatures are lurking. You will also take a look at the graphically impressive underwater landscapes, beautifully designed jungles and snow-covered mountain ranges. In one scene, Aloy rides past the Golden Gate Bridge – in plant-overgrown San Francisco. The release of Horizon Forbidden West is planned for PS5. An appointment has not yet been made.

The rumors have been confirmed: Guerrilla Games is working on a successor to Horizon Zero Dawn. As part of the current PS5 show With Horizon Forbidden West, Sony introduced a new adventure around heroine Aloy. We have the debut trailer with first scenes and insights below this message. The developers do not reveal many details about the PlayStation 5 adventure.

Just so much: Aloy is drawn to the western realms of the USA in Forbidden West, where not only new surroundings, but also nasty creatures lurk. The heroine rides past a version of the Golden Gate Bridge overgrown with plants in the trailer. At least parts of Horizon Forbidden West seem to be set in the California metropolis of San Francisco.

In the trailer for Horizon Forbidden West for PS5 you will also see graphically impressive underwater landscapes, snow-covered mountain ranges and cinematic tracking shots. Beaches, jungles, deserts: varied environments seem to be waiting for players. The debut trailer for the new PS5 adventure does not show pure gameplay.

It is not known when you can start your adventure on Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 5. Sony has not yet announced a release date. The predecessor was one of the most successful games for PS4. In our Test on Horizon Zero Dawn you read what characterized this adventure.

Horizon Forbidden West: Trailer for the successor to Zero Dawn – Release on PS5