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Find all long neck machines in Horizon: Zero Dawn. On the PC, too, Aloy climbs onto the giant machines and unlocks map parts of the game world. We offer you tips on the locations of the large machines that clear the fog of war and unlock interesting places on the map. You can find a total of five long necks in the area of ​​the main game, in The Frozen Wilds you activate a long neck.

At last! Also on the PC, players slip into the role of Aloy and conquer the game world of Horizon: Zero Dawn. We offer you tips on where to find the long-necked machines in open-world adventures. In total you will find five long necks spread across all areas of the adventure. Also the DLC The Frozen Wilds contains a long neck. Aloy has to switch this on first. The long-neck machines serve as mobile radar stations and allow a larger area and secrets to be uncovered. During the main quest you will come across your first long neck after a while.

The big machines move in circles in Horizon Zero Dawn. You look for a building or a rock over which you can reach the neck of the giants. Then jump over at the right moment and climb onto the plate-like head of the long necks. Now you activate the node in the middle to reveal the map of the game world in the vicinity. But make sure that some long necks are sometimes guarded by strong opponents. After you have activated the first long neck, you are free to climb the others.

But you are also allowed to read the story of Horizon: Zero Dawn first (buy now for € 27.44) finish and then activate the map and the achievement. We also recommend our beginners' tips for Horizon: Zero Dawn. In it you will find a guide to the end times epic, which is now playable on the PC in addition to the PlayStation 4. Below these lines you will find the video from Youtuber PowerPyx, who presents all locations of the long necks in the main game in chronological order. we have listed the corresponding timecodes below the video.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Find and activate all 5 long necks

The following YouTube video from Powerpyx provides you with all the locations of the long-neck machines and how to climb them.

Long neck 1 – 0:05 minute
Long neck 2 – 1:20 minute
Long neck 3 – 2:38 minutes
Long neck 4 – 3:40 minutes
Long neck 5 – 5:01 minutes

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