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After Sony and Guerilla Games announced the PC version of the action RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn, some Playstation 4 owners voiced criticism. Sam Sharma, former developer at Guerilla Games, cannot understand that at all.

Are you happy that Horizon: Zero Dawn appears for the PC in summer? Not everyone likes this.

PS4 users are not pleased

A video appeared on Twitter, showing a destroyed room of a PS4 user who allegedly freaked out after the announcement. "A great way to spend my birthday. Thank you for nothing damn! Thrown away for decades and now everything was for nothing!"

Even if the account is marked as a "parody", some reactions from PS4 fans regarding the announcement of a PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn fall (buy now for 28,98 €) actually negative. Twitter user Wild Ponies For example, writes: "Whose idea was that? Hermes? Today you have lost a lot of fans. And Sony has lost potential buyers and PS + subscribers. If someone has a dilemma about what to buy, PC or PS5, the answer is clear, PC. That idiot will port every exclusive Playstation game to PC. It's obvious now. "

Former guerrilla games developer Sam Sharma doesn't understand this criticism and says on Twitter: "What the hell is wrong with you guys? We made a game, you enjoyed it. Now even more people can enjoy it. And somehow takes your enjoyment ?! The joy you have in the game is not taken away just because more people can play it. "

Source: Gamingbolt

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