Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition was hit by numerous technical problems on the PC at launch. Since the release in August 2020, the developer studio Guerilla Games has continuously tried to remedy the situation with patches and still enable the game to have a healthy life on the computer. Now the "Complete Edition" seems to be complete for the time being. As the studio announced on the official website, further improvements will only appear in small numbers and with low frequency. Since the game is now, half a year after its release, on a more secure technical foundation, they want all available resources to develop the successor Horizon Forbidden West invest. Nevertheless, one would continue to rely on the feedback from the community.

"While our team is working on the development of the upcoming title Horizon Forbidden West, we're moving to less frequent updates for Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition for PC after this patch. Please be aware that we will continue to follow community platforms as usual. "

Horizon Forbidden West: Trailer for the successor to Zero Dawn – Release on PS5

As of January 21, 2021, Guerilla Games strangely removed the original blog post. The website now only contains the patch notes for update 1.10. With the latest patch, for example, there should be no more crashes from pressing the Windows key, and the game has been further optimized for AMD graphics cards, so that the game now eats far less RAM. You can find the full list of changes here.

Source: Guerrilla games (via Rock Paper Shotgun)

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