Horizon: Zero Dawn – ReShade enables HDR without a corresponding monitor

from Andreas Bertits
In the action RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn you can now "switch on" HDR with a ReShade preset without having to own an HDR-capable monitor.

Not every game monitor is HDR-capable. Corresponding devices are often also relatively expensive. The action RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn but offers the possibility to activate HDR in the games on PC. But most of them will probably have to do without it – or not.

HDR without an HDR monitor

The Mod Project Zero Dawn offers you two ReShade presets. The "True HDR" version is intended for HDR monitors and is intended to enhance the visual experience. But you can use the "Special Edition" even if you don't have an HDR-capable monitor. The preset is based on a software method that renders HDR internally and then converts it so that the result can also be displayed on an SDR monitor.

However, you shouldn't expect the result to look just as good as if you were using an HDR monitor. Nevertheless, it evaluates the optics of the action RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn (buy now for 24.20 €) on PC.

"I would like to mention that the method I use works at the software level and doesn't require an HDR monitor," writes Vanguard1776, the developer of the ReShade preset. "And a piece of history: the 'True HDR' method I'm talking about came from the ENB series long before anyone had an HDR monitor. We had to be more creative back then."

On the Nexusmods website you can download the Mod Project Zero Dawn. It is around 10.4 MB in size. The installation is very simple. Unzip the file and copy everything from the "Main files" folder into the game directory of Horizon: Zero Dawn. If you have problems, then rename the file "dxgi.dll" to "d3d12.dll". Also, disabling the Steam overlay can help.

Source: Nexus mods

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