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The PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn is suddenly more expensive on Steam than a few days ago.

Sony only had the specific release date for the PC version of Horizon last Friday; Zero Dawn announced. At the same time, there was initial information on the sale price on Steam, which was then £ 32.99. But over the past weekend there was a sudden price increase.

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As the magazine Eurogamer reports, the PC version of Horizon costs; Zero Dawn on Steam is now £ 39.99, an increase of £ 7. The "German" price is 49.99 euros. So far, Sony has not issued a statement on this change. However, there is currently some evidence that the initial pricing was an oversight or an error. The action adventure in the Epic Games Store was shown from the start for £ 39.99 / € 49.99. Accordingly, the most recent change in all likelihood was just an adjustment to bring both online shops into line.

The PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn (buy now for € 25.25) is a so-called Complete Edition by the way. It includes both the main game and the expansion The Frozen Wild. There are also some special costumes and packages. Here is the overview:

  • Carja Storm Ranger outfit and Carja Mighty Bow
  • Carja Trader Pack
  • Banuk Trailblazer outfit and Banuk Culling Bow
  • Banuk Traveler Pack
  • Nora Keeper Pack

Source: Eurogamer, Steam

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