Our tips for Horizon: Zero Dawn at a glance: As part of the Play at Home initiative, PS5 and PlayStation 4 players can download the Complete Edition of the post-apocalyptic open world adventure free of charge. Until May 15th 5:00 a.m. all owners load themselves – regardless of a PS Plus membership – download the game for free. We take this as an opportunity and offer you an overview of our tips area for Horizon Zero Dawn. In it you will find, for example, a beginner’s guide for the perfect start into the game. Here you will learn the basics of skills, crafting, collectibles, battles and more.

Die Horizon: Zero Dawn (buy now 22,36 € /44,99 € ) With Frozen Wilds, Complete Edition offers a story DLC including a new area. We offer you locations of all animal figures as well as the crafting resource Blauglanz in the form of YouTube guides. In the downloadable additional content you will find the important raw material as well as the collectibles of the figures. These also contain a piece of blue sheen, which you need for crafting. Just use our links to the tips for Horizon: Zero Dawn below these lines.

With patch 1.30, the developers delivered the NG + for the game. Here, players had the opportunity to take the entire inventory with them into the new game. If you are looking for the New Game Plus trophies, you can tackle the ultra-heavy mode here with your complete inventory, for example. You can find out how to take the entire loadout with you into the NG + in our tips for Horizon Zero Dawn.


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