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Guerrilla Games has released the Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.02 for download on PC. The developers have published the patch notes with the changes and innovations via The main focus of the update is on bug fixes and optimizations. According to the developers, update 1.02 contains further bug fixes for "frustrating game crashes". The developers also know that there are still unsolved problems with Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. In the article we summarize the details of the patch.

Player of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC get access to update 1.02. The patch is now available for download. In a detailed Reddit thread, Guerrilla Games shares the patch notes – and thus the list of changes and innovations. According to the developers, further bug fixes and optimizations for the PC implementation are in the foreground. The 1.02 update aims to fix some of the more frustrating game crashes.

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"Based on your feedback, we also know that there are other unsolved problems," write the developers in the patch notes for the new update. So more patches should follow. Players who continue to experience game crashes after installing Patch 1.02 can share their bug reports with the developers – including on Reddit. In the current Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.02 for PC, for example, Guerrilla Games fixes a crash problem that occurs when the game is started for the first time when the game optimization screen is active. (buy now for € 24.67)

Crashes in connection with updated graphics card drivers should also no longer occur. In addition, the developers promise improved performance with automatic saving. Furthermore, V-Sync should now switch off properly in frameless mode after patch 1.02. You can find the full patch notes at this link Reddit.

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