Welcome to a new edition of the Games Aktuell podcast! This week Maci takes control again and conjures up particularly exciting topics out of the hat to match the holidays. Intern Richard makes his podcast debut and reports on his test on indie horror Mundaun. The one-man project not only impresses with a unique pencil style, it also convinces with a great scary atmosphere and an interesting story based in Switzerland. Folklore horror is heavily influenced by films such as “The Witch” by the brilliant director Robert Eggers. Unfortunately, the technology is problematic, and according to Richard it quickly becomes a stumbling block. Do you have

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have you already plunged into the unique world of Mundaun? If so, please tell us about your experiences.

Our second topic this week is sex in video games. Maci recently dealt extensively with the topic and put together an extensive special (Part 1: Love in video games). The current reason to dig up the topic again is the porn game Subverse by the North American company Studio FOW, which is currently going through the roof on Steam – at least outside of Germany. The sci-fi erotic title is not available with us. Why is that? And will Subverse get another release in Germany? Our trio discusses the game, which is obviously inspired by Mass Effect and XCOM.

But other games that enable virtual sex are also examined more closely. For example The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us Part 2 and the indie game One Night Stand. What is the big problem in the industry and why is sex in video games often so unsatisfactory and unrealistic?

Finally, as always, there are your community contributions. On behalf of the entire editorial team, we wish you a Happy Easter and a relaxing weekend. Have fun with the latest issue and feel free to share your opinion on the topics in the comments – we look forward to it!

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Topics of the GA podcast episode 659:

00:00:00 – intro and on my own behalf
00:03:30 – Short discussion about Gothic
00:15:22 – Indie-Horror Mundaun im Test
00:34:10 – The porn title Subverse conquers Steam + Sex in video games
01:07:57 – Community posts

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