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Last night, Blizzard developers again played a package of hotfixes on the World of Warcraft live servers. First, there is now a cape duty for the 4th LFR wing from Nyalotha, second, N'Zoth has been weakened on the LFR difficulty level, and third, the drop chances of some mounts have been slightly increased.

Last night, Blizzard developers again played a package of hotfixes on the World of Warcraft live servers. First, there's one Cape duty for the 4th LFR wing from Nyalothaafter many players complained that too many fellow players were without Ashjra'kamas, cloth of determination would sign up for the last two bosses of the raid. Second, N'Zoth was weakened on the LFR difficulty level, and third, the mounts' drop chances Felfire Beast, Ironhoof destroyer and Fast Zulian panther slightly increased.

Below you can read the official German patch notes. Hotfixes are updates that are made on the server side without the need to download new data. Some of the changes listed below will take effect once Blizzard implements them, while others will only take effect after an announced realm restart. Please note that some problems cannot be solved without a client-side patch. The full patch notes for the current patch 8.3 can be found in this article.

WoW Battle for Azeroth: Hotfixes from March 12, 2020

Dungeons and raids

  • Ny'alotha, the Waking City
    • Characters are now required to have Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve to queue for Raid Finder Wing 4, "The Waking Dream".
      • Developers' note: Due to the mechanics of both Wing 4's boss fights, players who do not have the legendary cloak equipped are immediately mind controlled, burdening other players in their raid by not contributing to the kill. By enforcing this new restriction, Raid Finder groups will be set up for success and have a much higher chance of completing "The Waking Dream".
    • N'Zoth the Corruptor
      • Increased the radius for Synaptic Shock to 15 yards (was 8 yards) on Raid Finder difficulty.
      • Reduced the total radius and expansion rate of Creeping Anguish on Raid Finder difficulty.
        • Developers' note: These quality-of-life changes should increase the damage output of Raid Finder groups, specifically empowering them to bring down Psychus before it casts Manifest Madness and effectively becomes unkillable while wiping the raid.
    • Mythic Keystone dungeon
      • Siege of Boralus
        • Sergeant Bainbridge (Horde) / Chopper Redhook (Alliance)
          • Damage inflicted when Heavy Ordnance expires now scales with keystone level. Damage inflicted when players or creatures run into Heavy Ordnance already scaled properly and remains unchanged.

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Sanguifang's Pulsating Canine to be used outside of Kul Tiras, Mechagon, Nazjatar, and Zandalar.


  • Slightly increased the drop rate for Felblaze Infernal, Ironhoof Destroyer, and Swift Zulian Panther mounts.

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