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The WoW developers have installed another, third hotfix on the live server, which fixes problems with the Shadowlands pre-patch. The hotfix takes care of problems with the barber and individual quest and class bugs, among other things.

Never play on patch day – this wisdom of the WoW community has also proven itself in the case of the Shadowlands pre-patch, which arrived on the live servers with various minor and major problems. The developers at Blizzard are working on appropriate solutions and have now installed the third hotfix on the servers. This small patch fixes problems with the barber as well as individual classes, quests and dungeons:

  • Barber: Textures of character models and skin and eye colors in night elves
  • Classes: Magician portals for all group members, individual quests for magicians, protection warrior talents adapted
  • Fixed bug in dungeons with mythical keystones (affixes, damage)
  • Island of Exiles: Players can no longer duel on the ships of the Horde and Alliance.

The developers have also fixed various minor bugs in individual quests. Incidentally, you have so far only published the full patch notes in English. We will update this news accordingly as soon as the German patch notes are online. Until then you will find them here English-language patch notes:

October 16, 2020

Barber shop

  • Resolved some issues with the Barber Shop previewing textures from other character models.
  • Worgen players are now able to save changes to their human forms.
  • Resolved an issue with a Night Elf skin color and eye color not displaying correctly to other players.



  • Portals can now be used by all members of the Mage's party, regardless of level.
  • Mages who are not yet high enough level to fly can now take a portal to the abandoned Kirin Tor camp during the quest "The Deadwind Site."
  • Starving prisoners are now less picky and will eat any level of Mage conjured food offered to them during the quest, "More Than Just a Food Vendor".


  • Master of Escape (PvP Talent) no longer reduces the cooldown of Mass Invisibility (PvP Talent).


  • All Protection Warriors with Punish (Talent) selected can now apply multiple Punish debuffs on a single target.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Grievous and Bursting affixes now deal appropriate damage on Mythic Keystone difficulty.


  • Shadowy spiders summoned by Echoes of Shadra no longer deal damage while in the Awakened affix realm on Mythic Keystone difficulty.

Exile's Reach

  • After several complaints from Captain Garrick and Warlord Grimaxe, new recruits can no longer duel aboard the Horde and Alliance ships. Additionally, Health regeneration will recover more slowly while dueling on Exile's Reach. Now take your fights to the island, recruits!
  • Resolved an issue where the objective to speak with Warlord Grimaxe wouldn't complete during the Exile's Reach Horde quest, "Dungeon: Darkmaul Citadel".

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed an issue causing the Humming Black Dragonscale trinket's slow fall effect to not apply the Draconic Descent buff aura. Additionally, the drink's slow fall effect can now be used while mounted.
  • Alliance players can loot 7th Legion Service Medals once again.


  • Completing "Quartermaster's Bounty" will reward a Warlord's Trophy for your efforts once again.
  • The turn in locations for the Vulpera Allied Race quests, "A Little Goodwill" and "Worthwhile Repairs" have been updated to their correct positions.
  • "Adventurers Wanted: Chromie's Call" will correctly be categorized under Orgrimmar for Horde characters.
  • The Legionfall Construction Table is no longer empty during the quest "Begin Construction".
  • Vanthir is once again visible for turning in the Suramar quest, "All Along the Waterways".
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing the Shadowmoon Valley quest, "The Ashtongue Corruptors".
  • The protective shield surrounding Animus in the Thousand Needles quest, "The Doomstone", can no longer withstand the might of Magatha Grimtotem's Elemental Nullifier.
  • Honor's Stand Officers in Southern Barrens will once again drop the Roadway Plans that start the quest, "The Low Road".
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