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As if the final boss of the current raid wasn't already hard enough, the developers added a hotfix in the middle of the World First Race, which made the fight against the old god N'Zoth even more difficult. However, it is currently still unclear whether this is intentional.

N'Zoth is not just the final boss of the current WoW (buy now for € 31.95) Raid Ny'alotha, but probably also the last boss of the expansion Battle for Azeroth. As such, the fight against him should of course not be too easy – after all, it is an Old God. The only Old God we meet in his natural environment, by the way, because we visited C'Thun and Yogg-Saron in their prisons, into which the titans had locked them up. Especially in mythical mode, N'Zoth seems to be a real chunk. Limit, Method and recently Pieces have been biting their teeth on the Old God for several days.

In a hotfix recorded in the middle of the progress, the developers have now made the fight even more difficult – but without it is currently clear whether it is intentional or not. In the specific case, this is about the harvest of thoughts. This works from time to time Harvest thoughts, Several players have to add this so that the mental health that has been removed can be shared among the players. In itself, this mechanic is not particularly difficult, especially since the add only starts with the cast when the first player comes close to it. That's how it should be. Due to an error, the add started its magic as soon as it had anything nearby. For example, it was enough that the add, which appears somewhere on the platform, touches a witcher portal or the like. As a result, it was sometimes not possible for the players to stand at the add in time to intercept the attack. Blizzard wanted to fix that quickly, of course.
After the hotfix, the mob no longer stops when working, but enchants in motion. As a result, the opponent now naturally comes into the group, which enables interception. However, it is now hardly possible to let predetermined players intercept the attack, since the mob, for example, follows the tank during the spell if it wants to run out of the attack. That doesn't make the fight impossible, but it is much harder than expected. Especially since the guilds had already laid out tactics with various immunities.

The really strange thing is that Blizzard's developer has probably spoken to players from the two top guilds who have been with the boss for some time. According to Max von der Gilde Limit, the developers asked whether the desired solution would be practical, which the Guild Limit denied. The developers probably decided to ignore this and install the hotfix anyway. Whether intention or not remains unclear.

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