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In several posts in the official WoW forum, those responsible for Blizzard have announced further adjustments for WoW Classic, which will land on the live servers with patch 1.13.6 on December 1st, 2020. Specifically, it is about hotfixes for the Naxxramas boss Patchwerk, the jewelery Jom Gabbar, which is already available, and the shoulder enchantment Power of the Scourge.

It has been known for a while now that patch 1.13.6 for phase 6 of WoW Classic will be released two days before the start of the Scourge Events as well as the opening of Naxxramas will land on the live servers: namely on December 01, 2020. Thanks to the public test server, we have also known the for a month and a half official patch notes for the last Classic update.

The patch notes were not yet complete at the time. Almost two weeks ago, for example, the developers announced that the patch would also be available in December Changes to the weapon procs of beating like Night lurker, Hammer of the North Wind or Sulfuras, hand of Ragnaros want to make. Just like that hunters are said to receive unexpected love with the Naxxramas update: Many helpful auras and buffs, which so far only increase attack power, will also provide distance attack power with the upcoming update.

In several posts in the official WoW forum, the Blizzard managers announced further adjustments for patch 1.13.6 in the last few days. Specifically, it's about hotfixes for the Naxxramas boss Patchwerk, the piece of jewelry that is already available Jom Gabbar as well as the shoulder enchantment Power of the scourge by Sapphiron.

  • So far it is not possible to use Jom Gabbar as a cat or a bear. This is exactly what will change with patch 1.13.6 (source).
  • The Power of the Scourge shoulder enchantment only increased melee attack power on the Classic PTR. If the raid goes live, the enchantment should also increase the attack power for ranged combat (source).
  • There was a bug on Classic's PTR that made Patchwerk its Hateful thrust used more often than intended. Additionally, Patchwerk could double the Hateful Blast on a target. Both bugs will be fixed in the patch (source).
  • With patch 1.12.1, the developers implemented a slime flash capability that was supposed to prevent raids from trivializing the encounter through some exploits. This exploit protection should also come into play with patch 1.13.6 (source).

What do you think of all the adjustments? Let us know in the comments!

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