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Shortly after the release of Patch 9.1, the WoW developers installed a few hotfixes on the live server. This time there are bug fixes for the Great Treasury, a few class bugs and minor fixes for quests and achievements.

Patch 9.1 for WoW recently arrived on the live servers, but the developers have already delivered the first hotfixes. The mini update from July 1st, 2021 fixes problems with the Great Treasure Chamber, a few minor class bugs and errors in gullet quests, among other things.

Below you can read the official English patch notes. As soon as Blizzard has published the German patch notes, we will update this message. Hotfixes are updates that are made on the server side without the need to download new data. Some of the changes listed below will take effect as soon as Blizzard implements them, while others will only take effect after an announced realm restart. Please note that some problems cannot be fixed without a client-side patch.

WoW: Hotfixes vom 01. Juli 2021 – Patch-Notes


  • Fixed an issue where Achievement progress toasts were appearing in the wrong size and the text was not centered.


Death Knight

  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t create a class trial Pandaren Death Knight.


  • Mistweaver
    • Fixed an issue where the Harm Denial conduit wasn’t increasing the healing of Expel Harm when used on an ally during Soothing Mist.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Winged Ravager’s Devour Essence will once again correctly damage its primary target instead of all nearby players.

Items and Rewards

  • The Great Vault has returned and generates the correct item levels for Mythic+ rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Soulbind, Covenant set and Legendary bonuses were giving 50% more stats than intended, returning them back to their correct tooltip amounts.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to lose Rank 4 Legendary item crafting recipes.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause other players to interrupt Ve’nari’s actions during the quest “Mysteries of the Maw.”
  • Fixed an issue where “Mysteries of the Maw” would no longer progress if you died and resurrected during the stealth segment of the quest.
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WoW Patch 9.1: The launch trailer for Chains of Dominion is here (German)

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