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In an interview, the developers of New World revealed new information about the much-anticipated feature housing. This will be one of the great core features of the Amazon MMORPG.

While many MMORPGs rely on the similar content (such as skills, quests, boss fights, etc.), not every online role-playing game offers housing, although it could improve some digital worlds. New World from Amazon Games will not only rely on this feature, but also have it as one of the core contents of the gaming experience. The developers at Amazon Games did this in the Interview mit PCGamesn stressed again. We have already introduced you to the basic elements of Housing in New World, but we cannot withhold the new details from the interview! We have summarized the most important information for you.

New World and Housing: Costs, Gameplay Benefits, and Score System for Decoration

  • A home offers a free return trip function. You also have access to more storage options. And up to five trophies can be placed to provide you with gameplay bonuses throughout the game world, be it for fighting, crafting, collecting or other activities. For example, hanging axes on a wall improve the lumberjack skill.
  • There are houses in different price ranges, which depend on different categories: number of rooms, outdoor area, location (proximity to taverns and crafting stations, how easy it is to get to the house) and the aesthetics of the environment (rivers, waterfalls, decorative forests, flower gardens).
  • The decorative furnishing of a house is rewarded: A points system records whether players have placed a nice table – according to the developers, it will also be possible to put it upside down on the ceiling, but this does not earn any decoration points. Accordingly, there is a clear set of rules that players can follow for a kind of decoration competition.

Anyone who raises their reputation in an area in New World and furnishes their house in a stylish way will make their own home visible to all players.

Anyone who raises their reputation in an area in New World and furnishes their house in a stylish way will make their own home visible to all players.

Quelle: Amazon Game Studios

  • Each house receives a rating based on your reputation in the territory and the Deco Score. Before you enter a house, you will be given the rating of your version of the house, your group members and the top 20 houses of other players. Whoever has the highest “peacock score”, whose house is the universal variant that will be visible to all players in the world.
  • Based on player feedback, the developers made the more expensive houses more valuable. The better the house, the more pets, lights and furniture you can place in it. In addition, players can now easily access housing items from the settlement storage.
  • There are now 550 pieces of furniture that can be used to decorate your home. After the launch of New World (buy now 39,99 € ) new themes and color schemes will be added.
  • For developer Rosie Strzalkowski (Environment Art Lead), the pirate decoration set is a personal highlight: While it looks shabby, it also offers a lot of elegant mahogany furniture with brass skulls and velvet upholstery for decoration. The whole thing is available in several colors and materials, including “Heavy curtains, carpets and super fun décor like a telescope, a steering wheel chandelier and much more.”

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