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In its current form, is Torghast doomed to be forgotten? Sooner or later, WoW Shadowlands' dungeon feature will no longer attract players, says at least WoW streamer and YouTuber Preach Gaming. He shows Torghast's problems, but also gives tips on how the dungeons of the jailer could stay interesting in the long run.

After tweaking Torghast a few times and introducing the Winding Corridors, the Dungeon Master's dungeons turned out to be a very good feature of WoW Shadowlands. But just three months after the expansion was released, it can be foreseen that Torghast will become uninteresting for players for a short time without new features and rewards.

In its latest video, Preach Gaming analyzes how Torghast lost its appeal and how the roguelike feature can be kept interesting over the long term.

What are the problems with Torghast?
First of all, not all is bad about Torghast. Preach just worries that the feature shouldn't be let go to waste. And that's what it looks like at the moment. Torghast has a lot of potential.

  • The seemingly endless levels have become a slimmed-down version to give the casual player an opportunity to complete Torghast without having to spend several hours there. Unfortunately, fewer hallways also mean less animation bonuses and therefore less fun.
  • Even with over 100 bonuses in the winding corridors you are always looking for the same build or bonuses. More exciting animation bonuses should be added in the future. Unlike in real roguelikes, the winding corridors play with the same bonuses, which is usually identical to the previous run, which does not correspond to a roguelike experience.
  • The incentive for the normal runs (6 levels) is no longer there after the legendarys have been created and it eats up too much time for twinks. Soul ashes alone don't feel particularly worthwhile in terms of the time invested.
  • What made the island grind bearable at the end of BfA were the cosmetic rewards. There are far too few of them in Torghast at the moment. Even the Mount for the Throat is not a particularly big incentive if one in the Throat is out to farm as much stygia as possible.
  • In roguelikes it's normal to end up dying against the final boss – it's not the end of the world. In WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) however, it is a little different – here the reward is in the foreground in the end and failure is very depressing. Sure, you can just play Winding Corridors to have fun like in a roguelike. In WoW, however, you usually go to the dungeon to successfully complete it – especially if you have invested almost two hours, for example.

How can you improve Torghast in the future?

  • Catch Up for Twinks (for the normal levels)
  • Soul ash over winding corridors
  • More cosmetic rewards
  • More / changing animation bonuses per run
  • More small Easter Eggs, features like the levels of the grave, etc.
  • Rewards for super fast runs like in roguelikes
  • Better class balance as far as the game allows

How do you find Torghast currently? What would you change about the normal Plains and Winding Corridors? Write to us in the comments.

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