How difficult will the final raid Naxxramas be?

WoW Classic: How difficult will the final raid Naxxramas be?

At the moment, many WoW players are puzzling whether the Postponement of WoW: Shadowlands will affect Blizzard's release plans for Classic. The only thing that is clear is that Contents of phase 6 already in preparation for the public test server were played. And if the developers, as before, are halfway Shimmy along the vanilla patch history, then sometime in December the Scourge invasion and / or the full release of the update should be in the house.

The big highlight of phase 6 is of course Naxxramas, the final raid challenge of the new Vanilla edition. Before the launch of The Burning Crusade, only a fraction of all players could defeat the 15 bosses in the raid instance of the Eastern Plaguelands. Exactly how many is not known. For the past few years, the Reddit community has been striving to create a As complete a list as possible of the successful guilds in Naxxramas to set up. So far there are only 136 names on this list.

WoW Classic: Naxxramas - Back then a tough DpS check: patchwork.

WoW Classic: Naxxramas – Back then a tough DpS check: patchwork.

Source: Buffed

The difficulty level of the Naxxramas reissue in Wrath of the Lich King was not nearly as crisp. No wonder, after all, the renewed trip to the flying Lich fortress functioned as an introductory adventure. It only got difficult in the Northrend version when a PvP game was celebrated again in Wintergrasp and you couldn't do the "Heigan Dance" or "the lively repositioning with Thaddius because of all the lags.

Similar as for the Blackwing Lair and the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj I want to venture a prognosis again: How difficult will Naxxramas be in Classic?

Why was Naxxramas so difficult in Vanilla WoW?

If you look at the Take a look at the top 10 bosses in WoW history who were able to defy the world first kill the longest, then there is only one boss from Naxxramas with the four riders (7th place, World First Kill on August 25th – 56 days after defeating Gothik der Harvest). It took a total of 90 days until final boss Kel'Thuzad was knocked down for the first time after the release of patch 1.11 (from the EU guild Nihilum). There were several reasons why so few guilds were able to repeat this feat afterwards.

Reason # 1: The preparation

Unlike today in WoW (buy now 15.00 € ) For a long time, Classic did not know exactly which requirements one had to meet in order to be able to raid successfully in Naxxramas, and Naxxramas was not a raid that one could just visit.

  • It takes an Exalted Reputation with the Argent Dawn to enter the raid for free. If the reputation is not at its maximum, it becomes expensive. With "friendly" or worse you don't even get into the instance.
  • For the fight against Saphiron all players need equipment with frost resistance, whereby you have to laboriously embrace the frozen runes for the construction of the best parts in Naxxramas.
  • Eight well-equipped tanks are required to fight the four horsemen. In the best case scenario, the warriors already have four parts of the tier 3 set to increase the chances of being hit by ridicule. Nat Pagle's broken coil from Gahz'ranka from Zul'Gurub is also helpful here.

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WoW Classic: Naxxramas - perhaps the crispest boss gang of the vanilla era: the four riders.

WoW Classic: Naxxramas – perhaps the crispest boss gang of the vanilla era: the four riders.

Source: Buffed

Reason # 2: The bosses' design

For the first time, the bosses in Naxxramas were balanced across the board with a view to the available consumables and world buffs – see also the Assessment by Ion Hazzikostas from 2006. Raids that did not want to fully undertake this preparatory effort (and also did not yet have the best clothes from the temple of Ahn'Qiraj (which applied to most of the raid groups of that time)) had problems in Naxxramas, the DpS and Meet HpS requirements.

In addition, the mechanics were sometimes even trickier than those of the previous raids from that point of view. With Razuvious, priests are suddenly supposed to refuel with mind control and with Heigan the raid has to be in the right place in the area at the right moment in order to avoid the deadly poison eruptions that spray from the ground. However, precise movement maneuvers are such a thing when you consider the PC systems of many players from back then. During the fight against Thaddius, players repeatedly blew up half the raid because of lag.

WoW Classic: Naxxramas - The Heigan Dance has driven many a raid leader into despair.

WoW Classic: Naxxramas – The Heigan Dance has driven many a raid leader into despair.

Source: Buffed

The high point of the vanilla era – in terms of coordination, arrangements and "keeping track" – are the four tabs: four bosses who have to be refueled in different corners, while the raid rotates divided into different groups between several positions so that the stacking times of the death knights do not reach a life-threatening level … many players were simply overwhelmed by that back then.

Reason # 3: The upcoming TBC launch

When patch 1.11 was released, many raid groups from back then weren't ready to start right away in Naxxramas. Because of reason number 1 and because they were still busy with the temple of Ahn'Qiraj or sometimes even with the older raid offices. In addition, the players were slowly but surely approaching the TBC release on January 15, 2007.

Due to the high level of difficulty of Naxxramas and the upcoming launch of the first expansion, more and more players said goodbye to recharge the battery for Outland. It became more and more difficult to motivate enough players for the raid evenings. Partly this was caught up with guild alliances, partly guilds stopped their raid operations for the last weeks and months. My theory: If the TBC launch hadn't been on the horizon, more guilds would certainly have bitten through Naxxramas by the end of 2006.

WoW Classic: Naxxramas - You can only challenge Saphiron and Kel'Thuzad if you clean the four wings.

WoW Classic: Naxxramas – You can only challenge Saphiron and Kel'Thuzad if you clean the four wings.

Source: Buffed

Naxxramas in Classic – the patch 1.12 version

Unlike the previous raid challenges from Classic, the difficulty level of Naxxramas is only slightly influenced by the patch 1.12 status, which has served as the basis for the new vanilla edition from day one. Say:

  • The current Classic status of skills, talents and item values ​​roughly corresponds to the status of the Naxxramas release in Vanilla WoW.
  • With the patches 1.11.1 to 1.12.2 there were no weaknesses of the bosses and only small, insignificant hotfixes for Naxxramas.

At the same time, there are factors that made the previous Classic Raids noticeably easier for us and that will certainly also play a role in Naxxramas:

  • When Naxxramas is available on the WoW Classic servers, most raid groups will have been farming the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj for months – they can concentrate fully on the new challenge from day 1.
  • We are more experienced, we know more about the game, the Internet is faster, the PCs better and we know the boss strategies, from today's perspective, mechanics that are too difficult do not expect us. In addition, many guilds have been preparing for the raid for quite some time.
  • The average raider in Classic is much better equipped than the average raider in Vanilla WoW with patch 1.11 at the time.
  • The mentality of today's players and the resulting World Buff meta will only help in Naxxramas to easily meet the DpS and HpS requirements.
  • Highly ambitious guilds will very likely even play through the raid several times on their own private servers in the near future in order to gain an advantage for the World First race.

If we pack all of this together, Kel'Thuzad should not survive the first evening of the Naxxramas opening. In business administration there was the first Nefarian kill after 42 minutes. In AQ40 it only took 38 minutes to win the first time over C'Thun. The latter time was only possible because the progress guilds only pulled the three optional bosses and Huhuran to C'Thun – the fastest guilds in the first ID needed a little over two hours for the entire run.

WoW Classic: Naxxramas - Trash already has it all.

WoW Classic: Naxxramas – Trash already has it all.

Source: Buffed

A little over two hours – that's also a mark I think is likely for Classic-Kel'Thuzad's World First Kill. After all, in Naxxramas you have to clean all four wings before you can mess with Saphiron and the Lich. Incidentally, the SALAD BAKERS guild holds the current speed run record on private servers with one hour and eight minutes. There the players already have access to a lot of Naxxramas loot. The classic version will not pose any major problems for hardcore raids – even without full frost resistance equipment.

And how difficult will it be for average guilds in Naxxramas? In business administration, one or the other guild had problems with certain bosses in the first week or two. In the temple there are even raid groups that do not have all bosses on farm status, although Ahn'Qiraj has been open on their server for months. It does not take a prophet to predict that these groups will have some problems in Naxxramas.

WoW Classic: Naxxramas - The fight against Loatheb was a single material battle in Vanilla WoW. & Nbsp;

WoW Classic: Naxxramas – The fight against Loatheb was a single material battle in Vanilla WoW.

Source: Buffed

Similar to AQ40, I reckon with a strongly fluctuating level of difficulty. Boss phases with adds have been super easy in Classic so far – see C'Thun or the first phase in Nefarian. I am sure that this will also be the case in Naxxramas, and there will be some add fights or phases there. Neither do I believe that Patchwerk's DpS requirements will be a big problem or that the ultimately simple mechanics of Thaddius or Heigan will be a big problem with the current PC systems.

WoW Classic: Naxxramas - May we introduce: the idiot check!

WoW Classic: Naxxramas – May we introduce: the idiot check!

Source: Buffed

Personally, I have the most respect for the four tabs, where many raids will certainly need several attempts until the strategy is correct. And before Saphiron: The average raid there will need high frost resistance values, just like the average raid at Firemaw uses fire resistance and at Huhuran and Viscidus natural resistance to keep the respective bosses safe. Only, frost resistance cannot be farmed so well in advance. Depending on how many Frozen Runes can be collected in the four wings, it could take several IDs before most raids will defeat Kel'Thuzad.

how do you see it? Do you share my opinion? Is Naxxramas getting any easier? Or even significantly more difficult? Tell me your thoughts on the subject!

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