As you know, the first ladder season of Diablo 2: Resurrected has not even started yet. Nevertheless, fans of the new edition of the Hack & Slay classic from 2000 are already thinking about how to ensure long-term motivation through new content and drastic changes.

Blizzard itself is responsible for this. After all, the developers made it clear even before the launch of D2R that they would love to try new things. There are more than enough ideas. But first the foundation has to be right and the construction sites of the launch version have to be resolved.

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Survey with notification of changes

One already showed which changes could come Blizzard poll for August 2021. This asked what we think of the following features:

  • Tooltips for displaying value ranges
  • Stackable gems and runes
  • Automatic sorting of the inventory (for keyboard)
  • Advanced Skill Bar (when using a keyboard)
  • Own inventory for spells
  • Enhancement effects timer
  • Recipe book for horadrim cubes
  • Additional options for redistributing points

The developers also want to know which changes we would welcome as part of seasonal patches (i.e. changes that are only active for one season):

  • New recipes for the Horadrim Cube
  • Changes to class skills
  • New items
  • Changes to rune words
  • New spells

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Fans of the original versus fans of change

Similar to WoW Classic, Diablo 2: Resurrected also has several camps when it comes to implementing changes. Some players just want to enjoy the original in the modernized new edition with all its strengths and weaknesses, others want in-depth interventions.

Of the Reddit user Lsycheee recently presented a solution that could make both camps happy: At the moment, you can create a character for D2Classic or D2LoD (i.e. with the content of the expansion). A third mode with the title “D2R +” would be a great way to give players who are up for it new runes, items and endgame content to experience. If you don’t feel like it, just stay with D2Classic and D2LoD.

When the new mode is introduced, players will then have the choice of transferring existing characters from D2Classic or D2LoD to the D2R + mode. If you look at the comments, the idea goes down really well on Reddit. how do you see it? Should Blizzard do it that way?

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