How Overwatch helps a therapist help adolescents

“My office is supposed to be a place where it's okay to be yourself.” Therapist Grant tells Reddit how Overwatch helps him get through to young people and talk to them.

Therapist Grant works with adolescents and young adults and tells stories in one Reddit posthow Overwatch helps him with his work. Blizzard's hero shooter is one for him "Very effective way" become connected with the youth.

According to Grant, therapy is just something for teenagers that their parents demand and they meet someone who doesn't understand them either, The young people were rather withdrawn and did not feel understood by the world. Grant (on Reddit Calix19) but wants to be the one "Who understands" and a special picture in his office helps him:

Many of his clients saw the picture and asked: "You know Overwatch?" Frequently, the conversation about Overwatch made young people open up a little and the positive beginning of the conversation led to a better relationship with which Grant could better help his clients.

Overwatch: Which heroes do you prefer to play with?

PCGamesN Grant told of the case of a teenage girl who had been sexually abused, the first time she tried to hide her face in her sweater and said only the bare essentials. When she saw the picture of Soldier 76 with the voice actor's autograph, however, her behavior changed, Grant reports. She had shown her face, made eye contact for the first time since entering the room, and talked about being a soldier main. Normally, only formalities would be clarified during the first interview and female clients in particular would then rather want to go to a therapist. But the girl had come back to Grant.

Grant tells of other cases in which Overwatch and other video games such as Fortnite or Minecraft help him get through to the teenagers. For Grant, success depends on how the relationship is built. For him, this happens on a level at which the young people are familiar and have someone in front of them who is interested in their passion and even shares it. This creates the trust necessary to be able to help them.