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Thanks to the "Wind of Wisdom" buff, all WoW players now level 100 percent faster. But how long does such a leveling process actually take? We have summarized the results of the calculation of a Reddit user.

The "wind of wisdom" has entered the world of Azeroth. Thanks to the "100 percent experience" buff, characters will now level up 100 percent faster by April 20. Blizzard Entertainment joins the ranks of those development studios that spoil their customers with "Zuckerl" in times of the corona crisis and the associated domestic isolation.

Even before the "Wind of Wisdom" buff was established, the leveling process was extremely short. With the current speed increase, however, even the largest level muffle should dig up his twinks. Thanks to the calculations by Reddit user 9steptsahead, we can now tell you how long this process will take. Of course, this always raises questions about the meaningfulness of such a process.

How quickly do I reach level 120?

Reddit user 9steptsahead based on the Experience point values from WoW (buy now for € 30.64) Head, Calculations employed and can gain some knowledge. The numbers below include a 55 percent heirloom buff and a 10 percent war mode buff.

  • An average WoW player has so far required around 20 to 120 50 hours of play. Thanks to the "Wind of Wisdom" buff and the associated 165 percent buff, this season will be around 30 hours shorten.
  • For experts (i.e. those who optimize the leveling process or let themselves be bombed by a level 120 character through instances), the previous game time is reduced by 18.5 hours on around 12 hours.
  • The average WoW player therefore benefits much more from the "Wind of Wisdom" buff than the leveling expert.
  • As part of the "Korrak's Revenge" event, levels 110 to 120 were also bridged quickly. With the current 100 percent buff is the gain of experience similar in this step range. However, the entire leveling process would be much faster since the first 60 levels in "Korrak's Revenge" were comparatively less effective.

The author of the article also makes an interesting thesis: The 100 percent buff was strategically sensible because the speed of the leveling process would be adjusted to this level with the upcoming expansion and the players wanted to prepare it for the test.

What do you think about this thesis? Are you leveling with the current "Wind of Wisdom" buff? Would you be happy with this speed? Or should the leveling process in Shadowlands be slowed down again?

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Because of the corona crisis many WoW fans have to stay at home, there is now the 100% XP buff "Wind of Wisdom"! Twink time!

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