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The missions to which we can send our followers in WoW are making a comeback in Shadowlands – but in a modified form as so-called adventures. They should feel much more tactical than before. The current alpha build gives a first taste of it.

The World of Warcraft mission system has undergone a number of changes since its release with Warlords of Draenor, which won't stop with the upcoming Shadowlands expansion. Now that Blizzard has been simplifying missions more and more, However, the developers in Shadowlands are turning around: The missions are now called adventures – and should feel much more tactical for players than before.

Missions in Shadowlands: AutoChess Light

In Shadowlans, we no longer simply have to use our followers to counter their abilities and wait for the mission to end. Instead, the NPCs we send into battle have active attacks, which they deploy after we place them on a restricted playing field – similar to a chessboard.

The current alpha build shows exactly how this could look in practice according to Vanion a taste. The interface is similar to the familiar overview of the trailers, but there is an additional window that symbolizes the battlefield. There are various slots on which we can place our trailers. The following rules also apply:

  • We select five supporters who compete against the corresponding opponents as part of the mission.
  • Followers lose life, but do not die. If we want to cure them, it costs anima.
  • Performing missions also consumes anima.
  • Followers continue to gain experience points through missions.
  • The missions continue for several hours.
  • The usable troops that we were also able to recruit are completely eliminated.

Missions in Shadowlands: Recruiting followers

We can recruit various followers in Shadowlands as usual, who then complete missions for us. The Alpha already contains a whole range of NPCs from the Shadow Lands, including those characters with whom we can form a soul bond:

Missions in Shadowlands: Followers Abilities

The followers in Shadowlands have various skills depending on the class, which they can use during the fight in a certain area or over a certain duration:

  • Auto attack: Deal attack damage to the closest enemy.
  • Siphon soul: Deals $ s1 Arcane damage to the farthest enemy and heals themself for $ s2.
  • Soulshatter: Thela rips a memory from the farthest enemy, dealing $ s1 shadow damage.
  • Bramble trap: Winding tendrils ensare all enemies, dealing $ s1 Nature damage and reducing their damage by 20% every other round.
  • Auto attack: Deal damage to an enemy at range.
  • Huck Stone: Stonehuck hurls a Sinstone which shatters and deals $ s1 Physical damage to all enemies at range.
  • Plague song: Scream at enemies at range, inflicting $ s1 Nature damage each round for 4 rounds.
  • Mirror of Torment: Simone wields her mirror with precision, dealing $ s1 Arcane damage to the farthest enemy.
  • Shadow walk: Nadjia becomes untargetable and heals herself for $ s2.
  • Polite greeting: Stonehead smiles and politely smashes all enemies in melee for $ s1 Physical damage.
  • Physicist's potion: Telethakas pours a potion down the throat of the closest ally, healing them for $ s1 and increasing their maximum health by $ s2%.
  • Leech Anima: Siphons anima from the farthest enemy into yourself, dealing $ s1 shadow damage and healing for $ s2.
  • Double rod: Stabs the closest enemy twice, dealing $ s1 Physical damage with the first knife and and $ s2 with the second.
  • Protective aura: Draven's wingspan shields himself and all allies, reducing all damage taken by $ s1%.
  • Sonic Shriek: Shrieks loudly, dealing $ s1 Nature damage to all enemies and causing them to deal $ s2% less damage for two rounds.
  • Massive rumble: Slams his carapace into the ground, dealing $ s1 Nature damage to all enemies.
  • Gravedirt Special: Dug tosses a shovelful of Grave Dirt at all enemies, dealing $ s1 Frost damage and healing himself for $ s2.
  • Exsanguination: Theotar rips the blood from all enemies at range, increasing the damage they take by $ s1%.
  • Nagging doubt: Gnaws at the closest enemy, dealing $ s1 shadow damage.
  • Wings of Fury: Nerith strikes all enemies in melee range three times, each strike dealing $ s1 shadow damage.
  • Halberd strike: The Halberdier slices their weapon at the farthest enemy, dealing $ s1 Physical damage.
  • Goliath Slam: Slams a nearby enemy, dealing $ s1 Shadow damage to them and an enemy behind them.
  • Searing bite: Bite the closest enemy with jaws of flame, dealing $ s1 Fire damage.
  • Bonestorm: Whirls in place, dealing $ s1 shadow damage to all enemies in melee.
  • Vault strike: Leap in the air and strike the farthest enemy with a spear of shadow, dealing $ s1 shadow damage.
  • Double strike: Nadjia strikes the closest enemy twice, dealing a $ s1 and then $ s2 Physical damage.
  • Glowhoof Trample: Strike all enemies in melee, dealing $ s1 Holy damage and reducing their damage by $ s2%.
  • Wing sweep: Draven sweeps his wings, dealing $ s1 Physical damage to all enemies.
  • Spirits of Rejuvenation: Kaletar heals all allies for $ s1.
  • Blood explosion: Theotar pulses with shadow, dealing $ s1 shadow damage to all enemies at range.
  • Unrelenting hunger: Ayeleth drains the anima from all adjacent enemies, dealing $ s1 shadow damage and an additional $ s2 damage each round.
  • Slicing shadows: Rahel cheerfully slices the closest enemy and hurls a dagger at the farthest enemy, dealing $ s1 shadow damage to both.
  • Skeleton smash: Deals $ s1 Physical damage to the closest enemy.
  • Hawk punch: Eli strikes as swiftly as a hawk, dealing damage to the closest enemy.
  • Shining Spear: Teliah empowers her spear, dealing $ s1 Holy damage to the farthest enemy and healing the closest ally for $ s2.
  • Healing Howl: Heal all allies for $ s1% of their maximum health.
  • Whirling fists: Kythekios punches all enemies in melee in rapid succession, dealing $ s1 Holy damage them and empowering himself to deal $ s2% additional damage.
  • Bag smash: The smuggler swipes with his bag, damaging all adjacent enemies.
  • Etiquette lesson: Bogdan reminds the nearest enemy of their manners, dealing $ s1 shadow damage for the next three turns.
  • Starbranch crush: Smashes the closest enemy for $ s1% of their maximum hit points. Each turn, heals for $ s3% of maximum health and deals $ s2% maximum health Frost damage to all enemies.
  • Head crack: Lost Sybille smashes the heads all adjacent enemies together, dealing $ s1 Physical damage.
  • Mirrors of Regret: Vulca invokes the power of loss, dealing $ s1 Arcane damage to all enemies at range.
  • Bone reconstruction: Heals all allies for $ s1.
  • Acid Spit: Spits acid at the farthest enemy, dealing $ s1 Nature damage.
  • Spirit's Caress: Anjali heals all allies for $ s1.
  • Shield of Tomorrow: The Phalanx takes $ s1% reduced damage and protects all ranged allies in the same way.
  • Gore: Stabs all enemies in melee with their antlers, dealing $ s1 Nature damage.

Finally, we want to know from you: What do you think of the new mission system, the followers and their abilities? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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