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Pokémon coaches who want to moor Stalobor in Pokémon GO Tier 4 raids can defeat the pocket monster of the Double Type Ground Steel with the proper preparation in the team of two. We tell you in our guide how it works.

The mole-Pokémon Stalobor, which is developed from Rotomurf and belongs to the double-type ground-steel, extends in Pokémon GO the ranks of the Tier 4 raid bosses, Although Stalobor moves in Pokémon GO's second-highest raid tier, you can beat it easily with a well-prepared team of two. We explain you based on a guide from PokemongohubHow to send Stalobor into the dust as quickly as possible and what counter-attacks you must use.

Raid against Stalobor – General information and attacks

When you play against Stalobor, pay attention to the following details:

  • Stalobor has as Raidboss 255 Attack, 129 Defense and 9,000 Stamina at 30,737 Raidboss WP.
  • You can catch Stalobor with the following WP values: 1770-1.853 (level 20) or 2.212-2.317 (with level 25 weather boost).
  • Stalobor gets as a Pokémon type ground / steel a weather boost through sunny weather and snow.
  • Stalobor reacts weakly to attacks of the type water, ground, fire and fight.

In addition, Stalobor can use the following attacks:

  • Metal claw (normal attack, type steel)
  • Claw Clamp (normal attack, type ground)
  • Earthquake (charge attack, type ground)
  • Iron skull (charge attack, type steel)
  • Steinhagel (charge attack, type of rock)
  • Percussion drill (loading attack, type ground)

Raid vs Stalobor – Weather effects

When you play against Stalobor, you can – as usual in Pokémon GO – take advantage of the various weather effects. Specifically, notice the following weather effects on your fight against Stalobor:

  • Sunny: Boost for fire and ground counter-attacks, Boost for Stalobors attacks Claw Clamp, earthquakes and drills
  • Partly Cloudy: Boost for Stalobor's Stone Hail
  • Cloudy: Boost for combat counterattack
  • Windy: no effect
  • Rain: Boost for water counter
  • Snow: Boost for Stalobor's Metal Claw and Iron Skull
  • Mist: no effect

Raid against Stalobor – The best counter-Pokémon

Now it's time to get down to business, namely the counter-Pokémon against Stalobor. As already mentioned, Stalobor is sensitive to water, ground, fire and combat attacks. Therefore, the following counter-Pokémon are particularly suitable to put Stalobor as soon as possible in the barriers:

  • Ladavos (fire type) with a fire vortex (fire type) and a heat roller (fire type)
  • Kyogre (type water) with hydraulic pump (type water)
  • Machomei (Type Fight) with a strike (Type Fight)
  • Sumpex (type water / soil) with Aquaknarre (type water) and aquahawitz (type water)
  • Kapilz (type plant / fight) with counterattack (type combat) and struck (type combat)
  • Kingler (type water) with blubber (type water)

Alternatively, you can bet on this slightly weaker counter-Pokémon:


Feuerpokémon as Lavados are particularly suitable as a counterattack against Stalobor.

Source: Niantic

  • Entei (type fire) with fire tooth (type fire) and heat roller (type fire)
  • Hariyama (Type Fight) with Counter (Type Combat) and Force Strike (Type Combat)
  • Lohgock (type fire / fight) with counter (type fight) and Feuerfeger (type fire)
  • Impergator (type water) with aquahawitz (type water)
  • Brutalanda (type dragon) with fire tooth (type fire) and hydraulic pump (type water)
  • Garados (type water / flight) with hydraulic pump (type water)
  • Skaraborn (Type Beetle / Combat) with Counter (Type Combat) and Close Combat (Type Combat)

If you have none or too few of the Pokémon listed above, try your luck with these replacement solutions:

  • Flamara (fire type) with a fire vortex (fire type) and a flame thrower (fire type)
  • Stalobor (type ground / steel) with clay clamp (type ground) and percussion drill (type ground)
  • Glibunkel (type poison / fight) with counter (type fight) and power stroke (type fight)
  • Magbrant (fire type) with fire vortex (fire type) and fire (fire type)
  • Arkani (type fire) with fire tooth (type fire) and flame thrower (type fire)
  • Krebulack (type water / Unlicht) with waterfall (type water) and Krabbhammer (type water)
  • Groudon (type ground) with clay shot (type ground) and earthquake (type ground)
  • Glurak (fire type) with fire vortices (fire type) and Lohekanonade (fire type)
  • Skelabra (Ghost / Fire Type) with Fire Swirl (Fire Type) and Hot Spell (Fire Type)

We hope that this guide helps you succeed in the fight against Stalobor and wish you happy Raiden!

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