A lot has happened at Microsoft in the past few weeks. Not only was the successor to the successful Windows 10 presented with Windows 11. When it comes to gaming, the pointers are pointing to the future. We summarize what has happened in the last few weeks in our weekly review, the GIGA Headlines, together.

Windows 11 is coming: That will change

First of all: Windows 11 looks a little different. Rounded corners, slightly transparent frosted glass surfaces and a centered task bar. In addition, attempts are evidently being made to adapt the windows that have remained from the old Windows versions to the new design.

But if you know how to use Windows 10, you will probably not have any problems with the successor.
However, the decision to require new security features is controversial. This means that many systems that are currently running Windows 10 will not be able to update to the new version. For example, Intel currently only officially supports processors from the 8th Core i generation, while AMD should only be able to use Ryzen processors from the 3,000 series Windows 11.

After all, there will be support for Windows 10 until 2025.

If you want to get an idea of ​​the new Windows now, you can have a look at the latest version in the Insider Preview. We have summarized how this works for you:

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now open to the public

Project xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, is now available to everyone who subscribes to Game Pass Ultimate.

This means that you can now also access all the games from the Game Pass in the cloud im Browser play. So also on computers that have less power to play or on your smartphones when you are out and about.
The only condition: you need a stable internet connection. Strictly speaking, a controller would also be a nice thing.
We tried the service briefly: If you are sitting at your PC, you will notice the compression of the image signal. Anyone who plays via mobile data on their smartphone has to struggle with increased input lag.

Instagram changes alignment

An update for all those who have the GIGA headlines on Instagram follow: Instagram could be very different soon.

As Instagram boss Adam Mosseri announced in proper style on his Instagram, Instagram should “no longer just be a photo sharing app”.

Instagram is used by people to be entertained, so there will be an increasing focus on entertainment features in the coming months. “Mobile-First-Video” is one of the buzzwords mentioned, which wants to tell us that Instagram also wants something from the big TikTok cake.

Samsung and Deutsche Telekom build “green smartphone”

As Deutsche Telekom has announced, it is cooperating with Samsung to bring a “green 5G smartphone” onto the market soon.
Objectives: A simple repair, as well as a removable battery.
The device is expected for the end of 2022.

What problems does iOS 13 cause on your iPhone?

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