from Sara Petzold
Blizzard wants to encourage players in WoW: Shadowlands to explore the game world again. That is why the developers in the alpha of the next WoW expansion have revised the treasure chest system, among other things.

Treasure chests have undergone a turbulent development in World of Warcraft over the years: If we still excitedly opened every box in Classic, in the hope that it could hide a green item or maybe even a rare World Drop, we leave the wooden boxes in Battle for Azeroth meanwhile lying bored on the roadside. This is exactly what Blizzard wants to change with Shadowlands – treasure chests should become interesting again.

Exploring the game world should be worthwhile again

The developers have repeatedly said in interviews that they want to encourage Shadowlands players to explore the game world again. Therefore, the revised user interface should also ensure that we look less at the map and more focus on the environment around us. So that it is also worthwhile to take your eyes off the beaten path and simply roam around the shadow lands to explore, among other things, the developers have revised the treasure chest system.

How Vanion reported, treasure chests in Shadowlands appear on the world map. Admittedly, we could already have the chests on the map displayed in Battle for Azeroth if we simply installed an appropriate interface addon. However, Blizzard came up with a few tricks for the boxes in Shadowlands.

Four chests per zone and day

Four treasure chests appear in a zone per day, but their position varies and is reassigned with every ID reset. Also, we can't just walk up to the chests and open them. Instead, the boxes are in hard-to-reach places or are heavily guarded – so we have to find a way to reach them before we can relieve them of their contents. The whole thing is somewhat reminiscent of the magical chests in Drustvar, some of which were hidden quite well.

We can’t tell you yet what rewards are in the chests. Blizzard has so far only inserted the markings for the treasure chests on the world map in the Shadowlands Alpha, but not the chests themselves.

We still want to know from you: How do you like the new treasure chest system? What content do you want?

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