How you can farm mounts quickly in old raids

from Sara Petzold
If you want to farm old raids from the World of Warcraft for rare mounts, you need a good dose of patience. But we have a tip for you on how you can simplify the grind quite a bit.

Whether Ulduar, the Icecrown Citadel or the Battle of Orgrimmar: It is still worthwhile to pay a visit to the old raids in WoW for a special reason – the special mounts that the final bosses of the respective instance drop. The problem with this: The bosses drop the coveted loot with a very low probability. The second problem: We first have to fight our way to the final boss to get a chance on the mount.

But at least for the second problem there is a solution that makes the mount grind a lot easier. The Youtuber BlackeyesTV (via IcyVeins) has a helpful tip ready to help you speed up your way through the instance of your choice. You proceed in detail as follows:

  • Clean up the instance of your choice with a character, for example with your main, and leave the boss who drops the mount of your desire.
  • Creates a group using the LFG tool.
  • Log in with another character and sign up for the group you just created.
  • Log in with your main character and accept the registration of your twink for the group.
  • Log in again with your twink, enter the raid and kill the boss.
  • Now you repeat the whole thing with any number of other twinks: Register with another character for the group, kill the boss and so on.

Depending on the raid, there are a few special features that you should also consider:

  • Icecrown Citadel: Clear the raid on Normal difficulty, make your twink the group leader, switch to Heroic difficulty, and then kill Arthas.
  • Battle of Orgrimmar, I: Farms Lesser Charm of Good Luck from the Swallowing Frogs on Timeless Isle to trade for emblems of war, which you can use for additional raid spoils.
  • Battle of Orgrimmar, II: Launch a heroic instance of Battle for Orgrimmar to face Garrosh. Then, just outside the hall where you are fighting Garrosh, attack a few secretions from Y'Shaarj and pull them up to Garrosh. Kill them directly at Garrosh so that it disappears and reappears. You can use this trick to break off the conversation between Garrosh and Thrall and save yourself some time.
  • Battle of Orgrimmar, III: Leave the group as soon as you have pulled the boss so that the game automatically teleports you out of the instance when you log out. This saves you additional time.

Basically, this trick works with any old raid that does not yet have the appropriate skipping mechanics, so that you can farm mounts such as invincible and Mimiron's head much faster. But note that individual raids can have additional special features and that you set the level of difficulty required for the mount. We wish you happy grinding and good luck with your farming!

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