Sunday, August 01, 2021

Huge PlayStation Progress: Sony Celebrates phenomenal success

Not only the sales of the PlayStation consoles should make Sony smile. (Image source: GIGA)

Although Sony is currently having serious problems with the production of the PS5, the last year seems to have really paid off for the company – at least in one area an incredibly high growth was recorded.

Sony PlayStation

PS Plus on the up: Sony’s subscription service shows considerable growth

Sony hasn’t exactly covered itself with fame in the past few days. The games and console manufacturer continues to struggle with the ongoing console bottleneck, triggered a real shit storm with the announced closure of the PS3 and PS Vita stores and then gave way.

Nevertheless, Sony seems to be certain of success – at least when it comes to the number of users of the in-house subscription service PS Plus. Anyone take a look at the growth of recent years throws, Sony will find that especially last year a nearly utopian growth could post:

Development of the number of subscribers to PS Plus from October 2014 at a glance (Image: Statista / Data: Sony)

In December 2019, PS Plus had around 38.8 million subscribers, a year later in December 2020, however, there were already 47.4 million – a growth of 22.2 percent. The subscription service grew particularly strongly in the first two quarters of last year. The corona pandemic is also likely to have had a certain impact on the development of the number of subscribers.

Competition for PS Plus? Xbox keeps a low profile

While Sony is making its subscription numbers for the PS Plus service available to the public, Microsoft is keeping a low profile in this regard. Official figures are not published, but now the company seems to be shifting its focus more and more to the Game Pass.

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Daniel Nawrat11.01.2021

The new Xbox service is a gaming subscription that gives gamers access to over 100 Xbox games – even brand new titles can be found in the portfolio. But Sony also seems to have plans with PS Plus. Most recently, an ominous video pass for the subscription service appeared. Exact information about the alleged Netflix alternative from Sony is currently still in short supply. GIGA keeps you up to date.