Hunters can now tame Void Stalkers

of Philipp Sattler
There is again supply for the hunters' stables. Recently, the hunters have been able to tame void stalkers and go into battle with them. So far, this was only reserved for the void elf hunters who got such an animal as a starter pet.

The animal (or mechanical) companions are not only the main source of damage for animal master hunters in WoW (buy now for € 31.95), but also a coveted collector's item for the arrow slingshot. Special rare mobs are tamed and hours are spent looking for the right color for the desired animal. Although some new tame animals have already been added in Battle for Azeroth, the Void Stalkers have long been out of reach of most hunters. Only the void elves had access to these special companions. You get the Void Stalkers as a starting companion right from the start – much to the displeasure of hunters of other peoples who are furious.

In the meantime, Blizzard has reacted here and made the Void Stalkers accessible to all hunters. However, the four-legged friends do not walk around in world history. So if you want to secure a void stalker, you currently have four different ways to get your desired animal.

  • Kanalisationsbestling you might get lucky in the disturbing vision of Stormwind. (On the canals east of the starting area)
  • Umbraliss is a rare elite opponent that you can find in Mac'Aree on Argus (35/38)
  • Void-saturated stalker can be found in the shadow guard advance in western Mac'Aree.
  • Warp Stalker you can find the Triumvirate (Legion) in the dungeon

So far it is unclear how long the void stalkers have been tame and why this change did not appear in the patch notes or the like. Thanks to all hunters to the community of Petoptiawho have discovered this fact.

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