Husband loses wife to game and brings her back with a trick

Every now and then it can happen that you are deeply immersed in a game and suffer from other things. If that affects the partner, it can put a relationship to the test. However, a husband was not deterred and even became a game character to get his wife's attention again.

Stardew Valley

This is a cute and humorous love story – although not really a story, because it really happened. Still, we can start with the famous phrase "Once Upon a Time". In February there was once a queen who discovered the game Stardew Valley for herself and a king named Peter Chiykowski, her husband, who obviously couldn't keep up with it for a while and got him so far that he could personally addressed to Baron (e) "ConcernedApe":

"Please @ConcernedApe, I am a sensible man. A loving man. A grieving man. I want to understand what your game did to my wife and whether it can be undone. What do you want from me? What do you want? Money? We gave you £ 10.99. Control? I admit it. She loves you more. Please answer, -CH"

The story doesn't stop there, however, because the lovers have long wanted a fur nose, also called a dog. So far, however, they have been denied. When the queen also got a four-legged friend in a distant country, Stardew Valley, and asked King Peter for the name, his despair grew even greater:

"Dear @ConcernedApe, ONE DOG? Did you give your dog? We have been waiting for months to get a dog to care for, and then you come, the big man and fulfill your heart's desire. She asked me what his name was. I'm afraid that if I don't answer it will wedge a wedge between us. Was that your plan? -CH"

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A solution was needed

Many will now suggest that he and his wife can play together in the distant land of Stardew Valley, but unfortunately the couple only has one way to travel into the game. Another solution had to be found, because a few weeks later the queen had married the in-game character Harvey and given him two lovely children.

He couldn't let that sit on him – so the king himself became Knight Harvey for his loved one and regained her heart and her attention, at least in part. He proudly presented his subjects with his "new me":

"Dear @ConcernedApe, Stardew Valley consumed my wife. The game world became their real world. The real world became a waking dream. But finally I found out what I had to do. I'm Harvey now. My radio is ready. My model airplanes are waiting for me. You and I will be together again. "

And if they haven't died, they still live today and are looking for names for children, cows, chickens, pigs and dogs. The End.

Anyone wondering why Peter uses the initials CH when his name is different will find the answer in the whole story that he does fully documented on Twitter.

What do you think of his idea? Have you ever been in such a situation? How did you get your partner's attention back, or maybe you were the one who was so engrossed in the game? Feel free to tell us in the comments.