A remake of this classic RPG was announced months ago, but there wasn't much to see. But now the developer is picking up speed and distributing first information and pictures that we don't want to withhold from you.

Gothic: remake

Gothic Remake: The first pictures can be seen on Steam

The game Gothic is already 20 years old and of course can no longer keep up with today's graphic standards. But that will work with the upcoming remake change as posted screenshots prove.

(Image: THQ Nordic)

On the official Steam page, the developer speaks of a "full remake of the original Gothic 1" true to the original, but of course there will also be one or the other improvement. Obviously, the game is getting not only completely revised graphics, but also one modernized combat systemthat brings the original system into modern times.

It is not yet known when the game will be released. We'll keep you up to date!

Arcania is the youngest game in the series:

Original article from March 15, 2021:

Legendary role-playing game gets a remake

Role-playing games don't go out of style and everyone is talking about a few. One of them is now getting a remake after 20 years after the released demo was well received by gamers.

Gothic: The legendary RPG returns

Yes, even by the standards in 2001, the game Gothic wasn't exactly a head-turner. In return, the RPG attracted the players with a complexity that even by today's standards is still impressive. It looks like the game is about to be breathed new life.

In 2019, THQ Nordic surprisingly released a demo of a remake of the 2001 iconic RPG. The studio wanted to know if the fans would be interested in a revised version and it seems the developer could look forward to positive feedback. Shortly after the demo was released, a new studio was founded in order to "of high quality RPGs“To work, including on the Gothic remake.

Gothic Remake: Development is already in full swing

In 2020 the studio Alkimia Interactive founded to work on the new project. The studio currently employs more than 35 developers and is currently looking for other employees.

The improved graphics were already clearly visible in the demo:

The announcement of the remake promises that development is already in full swing and that in the following months more information on the project will follow. We'll keep you up to date!