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There is currently heated debate over who exactly is the pale, "pinhead" bald guy in the Diablo 4 Revelation Cinematic manipulating the treasure hunters for Lilith's summon. Youtuber "TeKo" has figured it out, and he explains it to us the same way. Attention, spoilers!

"A Necromancer, I was hoping I would never see one of your kind again …" – With these warm words, Gheed's Necromancer Class players are greeted in the first act of Diablo 2. The trader's deep dislike of the sinister summoners is obvious, and it becomes more than understandable after clarifying who is the pale bald guy in the Diablo 4 Intro Cinematic.

There is now solid proof that it is indeed Lilith's and Inarius's son, as Youtuber "TeKo" found out. He has loaded the video from Blizzard's press center into video editing software and discovered some older editor comments mentioning the summoner by name: Rathma, the First Necromancer (Wiki-Link), You can almost imagine it as Teron Gorefiend in Warcraft, the first death knight. In the following video, "TeKo" shows you Blizzard's "Leak", and now that it's out that it's Rathma, the Necromancer is sure to appear in Diablo 4 as a playable class – albeit not in the base game.

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