If 40 azerite jets start at the same time …

of Philipp Sattler
When players are bored in WoW, sometimes strange or funny actions come out. This was the case recently, when a complete raid of 40 players used the essence of the focus iris to form an azerite spinning top of death. But see for yourself.

Whether hundreds of gnomes run through Azeroth to kill hoggers or draw funny pictures with feasts and cauldrons in the landscape. WoW players (buy now for € 19.99)who have nothing to do right now are always a potential source of funny nonsense. Previously, target jumps were made from Dalaran or world bosses were drawn to the capitals. But it can also be done on a smaller scale, as proven by frequent and spontaneous mammoth parades in the capital cities. Something similar happened again when 40 players coordinated the active ability of the essence of the focusing iris and then let it spin.

The whole thing is of course just a little gimmick, but we didn't want to keep the funny sight from you. Especially since the players have largely assumed the same appearance with toys. We had completely different thoughts. Imagine something like this in a battlefield or at an open-world skirmish – when an azerite spinning top suddenly rolls towards you.
But you can do other fun things with the rays. For example, which azerite demons the players want to summon in the image below?

What are you doing when you are bored in WoW because you have to wait for the raid start, for example? Are you one of those who farm herbs in an exemplary manner or otherwise prepare for the raid, or are you caught doing nonsense again and again? And if the latter, tell us what nonsense you are doing? We are excited.

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