We had to be patient for a long time, but a few days ago Sony finally revealed the appearance of the PlayStation 5. However, the design contains small things that you can only see if you look very closely.

PlayStation 5

As part of the "Future of Gaming" event, Sony recently unveiled and presented its new hit ship, which accessories will initially appear for the PlayStation 5. In addition to the DualSense controller, this includes the 3D headset and on everything you find small, fine, yet lovely details.

There will also be a lot to discover in the upcoming games.

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PlayStation 5: if you look closely

in the ResetEra forum users have shared their discovery, for which you have to look very closely. For example, parts of the texture of the console, the DualSense controller and the headset actually consist of tiny PlayStation symbols – a cute detail. It is uncertain whether this gimmick will ultimately affect the price, but it is always special and has so far been well received by readers.

What do you say Have you noticed it yourself?

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