Tech channel VG Tech put the new action adventure Immortals: Fenyx Rising to the test to see if it works better on the PS5 or Xbox Series X. It turns out that the new Xbox is losing out with this title too – even if only just barely.

The PS5 has a small advantage

Before panic breaks out, the performance difference between PS5 and Xbox Series X is minimal. Probably hardly anyone will notice it while playing. But what is also interesting: In the game's performance mode, the resolution is dynamically regulated, with the lowest of 2275×1280 on the PS5 being higher than the lowest on the Xbox Series X (1080p). So that means the PS5 version of Immortals: Fenyx Rising (buy now € 53.60 ) runs a little more smoothly in performance mode despite a slightly higher resolution.

This shows that Immortals: Fenyx Rising joins the ranks of the new games, which despite the better hardware of the Xbox Series X have a slight advantage on the PS5. As with games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla or Devil May Cry 5, this is apparently due to the fact that Microsoft was only able to equip the game developers with developer kits for the new console relatively late. Microsoft first had to wait for AMD's RDNA2 technology to be ready, which will be fully deployed in the new Xbox. Because of this, the developer was apparently not able to optimize the games as well for the new Xbox consoles as was the case with the PS5. But that could change with titles that are not planned for 2021.

Source: WCCFTech

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Ubisoft's action adventure Immortals: Fenyx Rising will be released in a few days and the international gaming press has made its judgment.

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