Important PS5 update: Sony solves annoying controller problem

A controller bug almost drove some PS5 players crazy shortly after the release. Sony reacted very quickly and was able to fix the error via a console update. This also brings the new software version with it.

PlayStation 5

Update from November 27th, 2020: A few days ago, some PS5 players discovered a bug while charging the DualSense controller. If the console is put into sleep mode and the controller is then connected to the PS5 using a USB cable, it stops charging the controller after about a minute.

Now Sony reacted to the problem and promptly released an update for the console, which eliminated the error. With the version 20.02-02.26.00 you can now charge your controller again when your console is in sleep mode.

In addition, the patch ensures that another mistake is a thing of the past. Some gamers have noticed that installed disc versions of games have been hand-deleted from the console. This problem is now a thing of the past.

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PS5 controller has nasty bug: what exactly is the problem?

The PS5 only became official with us published on November 19th, But players in other countries can enjoy their new console for over a week. Although many fans are positive about their new piece of jewelry, it now seems to be the first reports of possible errors.

Some PlayStation 5 owners now think their DualSense controller would not loading properly. The problem shows up while charging the controller in sleep mode. The process is canceled after just under a minute, as is the case a player reports.

PS5: How to fix the bug?

Since Sony has not yet commented publicly on the issue, those affected are temporarily trying to find other ways to charge their controllers anyway. In doing so, they found that the problems above all on the front USB port appear on the console. Charging at the rear port should still be possible, so gamerant.

So it still appears at this year's console launch a couple of teething troubles to give. We keep you up to date when Sony comments on the problems or there is a solution.

The charging problem doesn't seem to be too widespread so far. So if you have a little more luck with your PS5, you can look forward to a few stunning new features of the console:

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Owners of the Xbox Series X also complain about the first teething problems. Hopefully the previous problems will remain and you can inaugurate your "next gen" consoles without any problems.