The rumor mill is seething again. Reports have been circulating for months about an improved version of the switch. Information on the successor to the handheld console has been few and far between, but the first technical details are now available.

Nintendo Switch

Switch Pro: does Nintendo use a mini LED display for the console?

While Sony and Microsoft are rolling out their new consoles in November, Nintendo has not yet commented on a new edition or a successor to the Nintendo Switch. But reports made the rounds in the past that the existence of a Nintendo Switch Pro was mentioned.

Information about the drilled out console was so far in short supply, the Chinese website Economic Daily News is now said to have picked up new details. According to the report, Nintendo no longer relies on a classic IPS panel for the Switch Pro, but on a modern mini LED display. Allegedly, a representative from Nintendo is said to have recently visited the production plants of the supplier Innolux to discuss a possible collaboration.

For gamers, switching to a mini LED display would definitely be a big plus. The mixture of OLED and classic LCD provides various improvements in image reproduction. Thanks to the improved background lighting, contrasts can be displayed even more strongly, and the display of colors is also improved.

If you mainly use the Switch on the go, you will also be pleased that the battery life of the console can also be extended thanks to the new display technology, since black image content does not have to be illuminated.

Since mini-LEDs are also cheaper to manufacture than classic OLEDs, the Nintendo Switch Pro shouldn't cost a huge amount despite the display change.

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When will the Nintendo Switch Pro be released?

There is still no clear statement from Nintendo regarding the start of sales of the Nintendo Switch Pro. So far, the hardware and software forge has not even confirmed the existence of the Pro model.

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This is probably due, among other things, to the fact that the normal Nintendo Switch and the Lite version have turned out to be real bestsellers. Nintendo is probably afraid of reducing the sales success of the two consoles before the important Christmas business if they announced the improved version. So we will have to wait a little longer until the official presentation.

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