Although the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 rely on almost the same hardware, the bottom line is that Microsoft's console offers a little more performance. A Sony patent now shows a new technology that could change that. Is this your first look at the PS5 Pro?

PlayStation 5

Two are better than one: Sony patent shows console design with two processing units

The PlayStation 5 is barely two weeks old when there are already rumors about an improved version of the Sony console. These are based on a patent, which has recently started making circles on the internet. The first sketches showing a console design can be seen on it, in which two SoCs (System on Chip) are used instead of one. These computing units are a combination of a classic processor, graphics unit and sometimes other components.

The patent, which was filed by Sony in January 2019 and published in summer 2020, also confirms that that the technology could be used for "a high-end version of a console with higher processing power and more system memory".

Xbox Series X and PS5 – we have compiled the most important facts about the new consoles for you:

The official document also states that the improved console can also get access to more RAM and additional features. Such a console could not only be used in the home of the player, but would also be suitable for the implementation of a cloud-enabled console.

The publicly available patent application goes into more detail on the implementation of a technical solution and outlines various implementation scenarios.

PlayStation 5: Pro version already in development?

Should Sony work on a Pro version of the PS5, it can be assumed that the development is already well advanced. However, the patent is not conclusive evidence of the existence of the improved Sony console. We asked Sony for a statement on the matter. As soon as we receive an answer, we will update the message.

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One thing is certain, however: Should Sony actually equip the PS5 with a second SoC, the Pro version should see a significant increase in performance. If the chip offers the same performance as the model of the normal PS5, it cannot be assumed that the performance will double, but a significant increase in the frame rate or an increase in the resolution in various games should be expected.

The Pro version should then also be far superior to the Xbox Series X. It remains to be seen, however, whether Microsoft also has a more powerful Xbox up its sleeve.