from Susanne Braun
The creators of Pokémon Go have just announced two big pieces of news for 2020. On the one hand, fans can look forward to the mysterious Pokémon Victini, on the other hand, mega-evolutions should come into play. However, the process of mega-evolutions is supposed to be a little different than usual to pick up the game mechanics of Pokémon Go.

As part of The Pokémon Company's Pokémon Presents video, two new highlights for Niantics Pokémon Go have been announced, which are expected to cause real enthusiasm among trainers in 2020. So you can look forward to the appearance of the mysterious Pokémon Victini from the 5th generation. The pocket monster of the Fire and Psycho types is called the Victory and Success Pokémon, and depending on the skills it has in Pokémon Go, it can become a respectable fighter for the metagame. It can be assumed that Victini, like many mysterious Pokémon before him, comes into play through special research.

Not much is known about Victini, and so is the second new feature for Pokémon Go: Mega-Evolution. As part of Pokémon Presents, Tsunekazu Ishihara, President and CEO of The Pokémon Company, said that the mega-evolutions in Pokémon Go are a bit different than what you're used to from the main series. According to his words, such adjustments serve to do justice to Pokémon Go's unique gameplay mechanics. Whether he is referring to running challenges, such as those that already exist for several in-game developments, or whether the Niantic people are devising something else for the mega-evolutions is just as uncertain as a clear statement from the PoGo developers for which pocket monsters the mega-evolutions come into play. But in and of itself it would be insolent if Mega-Despotar didn't make an appearance!

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