Zen 4 for Ryzen is coming in 2022

At an investor information event on AMD’s second quarter 2021, Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, held a prospect for 2022. As also reported by wccftech, the first new Ryzen CPUs with the Zen 4 architecture will come onto the market in 2022. In addition to Zen 4, also known as Raphael, there are other CPUs based on Zen 3 and offer 3D V-Cache in the processors for 2022 – this cache is also placed on top of the CPU-DIE, the processors are then likely to be marketed as Zen3 + become. With Zen 4, AMD will use 5nm for the manufacturing process – currently 7nm is common, with Intel even only 10nm, as we also described in our news about the new Intel names for the manufacturing processes. A smaller process enables more efficient CPUs, but is more difficult to master for the production of CPUs.

RDNA 3 also in 2022

Like Zen 4, the latest graphics card architecture, RDNA 3, will be available in the form of Radeon RX graphics cards next year. What will be new is the fact that for the first time GPUs for gamer graphics cards will use a design in the form of multi-chip modules. This has long been common with Ryzen CPUs and means that the GPU is not a coherent unit, but rather consists of several modules that can communicate with each other. The GPU names are based on the designations Navi 31, Navi 32 and Navi 33, the more filigree 5nm construction could be used as a manufacturing process instead of the current 7nm. The is also worth reading on both topics and more News from our colleagues at PC Games Hardware.

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