Christmas is also celebrated in the Fallout 76 wasteland. Only there the gifts are not brought by Santa Claus, but by the Santatron, which you can secure for free for a short time.

The state of Fallout 76 can be argued for a long time, but it must be emphasized that Bethesda regularly updates the game with new updates and content. Update 16 is currently ringing in the Christmas spirit, because celebrations are also planned in the wasteland.

The two most important features that you can enjoy over the holidays:

  • Celebrates Gas Burned: Special Christmas opponents have been roaming Appalachia since December 12th. If you defeat them, you will be rewarded with appropriate gifts.
  • Santatron: In the Atomic Shop there is the free Santatron, a red-clad, bearded robot Santa Claus, which your C.A.M.P. adorns.

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If you want to secure the free Santatron, you have until December 31, 2019 at 6 p.m. Time. The robot then disappears from the Atomic Shop. The hunt for the holiday burned also ends on the same day. You can read a complete list of all innovations in the current update here,

Is the Christmas update a reason for you to install Fallout 76 again, or have you sworn off the game once and for all? Let us know your opinion in the comments!